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Donald R. Philbin, Jr., P.C.

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Client Comments

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Don Philbin is a fantastic mediator. The proof is in his success. I go back to him with any case that it is in my client's best interest to settle.


Don Philbin is effective and thorough. He is always pleasant to work with and goes the extra mile to assist in resolving your case long after his earned fee has been expended.

Jeff Small Jeffrey D. Small


Donald R. Philbin, Jr., is professional, hardworking and highly effective.

Glenn Levy Glenn Levy Law


Donald R. Philbin Jr. is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job.

Robert Loree Loree Hernandez & Lipscomb


Don Philbin has an advanced approach to dispute resolution that is effective in complex situations.

Jonathan Pauerstein Rosenthal Pauerstein Sandoloski Agather LLP


Donald R. Philbin, Jr. is an extremely effective mediator. He is quick to grasp the issues that will be the biggest problems (leading to a possible impasse), and assist in formulating solutions for these issues. He is professional, likable and quick to establish rapport with the client.

Kate Gonzalez Law Offices of Kate Guinn Gonzalez


Donald Philbin, Jr. is a very effective mediator.

Chris Strawn Ford Murray


I am impressed by Don Philbin's advance preparation, command of the subject matter, and post-mediation follow up. I highly recommend him as a mediator in complex civil matters.

Marynell Maloney Marynell Maloney Law Firm, PLLC


Don R. Philbin, Jr. is one of the most practical and effective mediators I know of. He spends his time efficiently with each side and has the intuition to know just where the "give and takes" are in each case. He has an extensive legal background, but unlike many of his competitors, he also has an extensive business background. While the lawyers are thinking like lawyers, Don often comes up with creative solutions based on his multidimensional expertise.

Cody Graham Ford Murray


Don does an exceptional job of building rapport with parties to mediation, keeps them at the table, and works thoughtfully and tirelessly to achieve a settlement.