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The Health Law Consultancy

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Health Care Law

I found the Health Law Consultancy to be extraordinarily knowledgeable about HIPAA regulations. Because our company deals frequently with Medicare regulations, their skills in governmental rules and policies helped us greatly. They listened carefully to us to fully grasp our business. They were most responsive and proactively gave us directions on likely new healthcare regulations. The Health Law Consultancy offered pricing options and were cost-effective. Kathy and Jack are nice approachable people to work with.

Thomas Dent, M.D. ICLOPS LLC

Health Care Law

The Health Law Consultancy has done a wonderful job helping us navigate the complex arena of healthcare law. We couldn't have survived without their expertise!

Richard Buck University of North Florida

Health Care Law

It is a pleasure and a joy to work with highly skilled lawyers at The Health Law Consultancy that are quick to respond to issues in an effective manner.

Zane Zelinski The Law Office of William J. Factor, Ltd. (Bankruptcy Trustee)