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Litigation - Banking & Finance

Akerman is an outstanding group of national professionals. Chief of Litigation Partner is headed by Lawrence Rochefort, who has a team of professionals that know how to roll up their sleeves to get into the details of the matter to get the job done. Larry is a great starting point as he sits on the firm’s board, and this gives him direct access to all areas of the firm to assist the client in the best possible direction. In addition to the litigation support team, Robert Barkin and Erin Maddocks are two additional outstanding partners in transaction and trust legal work. I have worked with this team and others at Akerman for over 9.5 years, and the results and support have been outstanding, not to mention the competitive fee structure that the firm offers. To anyone seeking an outstanding law firm that has a national presence and the top hometown local advantage, it would be my recommendation to pick up the phone or email this team for a proper introduction and have a serious discussion on the issues you are concerned about.

Michael Scheiner Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Mortgage Banking Foreclosure Law

The Akerman attorneys are experts in mortgage banking foreclosure law, they are extremely responsive, they provide excellent customer service, and the firm charges very competitive rates. I highly recommend them!

Mallory Gardner PennyMac

Financial Services Regulation Law

The Akerman firm is well-versed in regulatory issues affecting the mortgage industry, they are extremely responsive, provide excellent customer service, and charge very competitive rates. I recommend them highly!

Mallory Gardner PennyMac

Real Estate Law

I work with many individuals at Akerman and find them all to be excellent attorneys in their field.

Trusts & Estates Law

I have worked with a significant number of Akerman's partners and associates. I have worked on complex and simple matters. I have found each and every member intelligent, connected, holistic, egoless (a rare concept for lawyers), team-oriented, open, thorough, creative, connected, and desiring the results their clients desire. This is a five star firm - period.

Morris D'Angelo Morris + D'Angelo

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law

We had an overall excellent experience with Akerman. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with and have experienced staff support.

Barry Barron Buffet Partners Holding Co., LLC

Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law

My attorney at Akerman is a consummate professional. Not only does he add value via innovative structuring of options for clients, but I have found myself and other team members relying upon him to lead term sheet negotiations given his strong communication skills and demeanor. With local or international clients, we're always proud to introduce him externally to our stakeholders. The value-add in choosing an experienced capital markets professional has paid-off in accelerating the pace of our fund closing.

Tom Light

Private Funds / Hedge Funds Law

Michael Kelley at Akerman has an unbelievable ability to navigate complex matters, build consensus, and help us close deals. I would recommend him to anyone in need of competent transactional and/ or corporate counsel.

Stephen McMullin Brickell Key Asset Management

Railroad Law

Akerman offers exceptional legal representation and responsiveness.

Bob Wells Norfolk Southern Corporation

Appellate Practice

Akerman handled my defense in a civil case where my previous employer sued me personally, my partner and my new company when I quit their employment and started a new business. This law firm did an outstanding job defending us in this civil lawsuit which could have ruined me financially. After the ex-employer lost in a jury trial they appealed the lower court decision and we had to go through an appeal process which we won as well.

Douglas Wene Chem 32 LLC

Health Care Law

I have utilized Akerman's services and have worked against them, and in all instances they are professional and first rate.

Appellate Practice

Appeal to Texas Supreme Court. Lawyer was Terry Adams.

Energy Law

Defense in civil lawsuit. Lead attorney was Benjamin Escobar.