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Arnall Golden Gregory LLP

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Client Comments

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Arnall Golden Gregory is extremely responsive and knowledgeable. They are our go to group for challenging situations and have never failed to impress. I feel very comfortable in their hands.

Wendy Shusko WellSpring Pharmaceutical Corporation

Environmental Law

John Spinrad of Arnall Golden Gregory is an excellent environmental lawyer, who is both experienced and practical. I enjoy working with him.

Gretchen Nagy Jamestown Properties

Real Estate Law

Phil Skinner and Abe Shear of Arnall Golden Gregory have represented our firm on multiple real estate assignments and transactions since 2010. Their work has been outstanding.

David Branch Site Services Group, LLC

Commercial Litigation

I engaged Arnall Golden Gregory on an extremely complex case -- great firm, great people and great result.

Environmental Law

John Spinrad of Arnall Golden Gregory is in my estimation the finest environmental lawyer in Atlanta, if not the Southeast. He's a pleasure to work with, honorable, creative, and has a clear grasp of his role in the context of the large commercial development projects that New City works on.

Jim Irwin New City LLC

Corporate Law

I have worked in several deals with Arnall Golden Gregory in the past three years. The attorneys there are hyper-responsive, knowledgeable and professional.

Mergers & Acquisitions Law

In my experience, since the partner at Arnall Golden Gregory has done quite a bit of the work, he knows the materials in detail and is very efficient with support, which means the costs are very reasonable.

Tax Law

Since the tax partner at Arnall Golden Gregory has an efficient connection with the corporate point attorney, he is up to speed on the deal topics we cover.