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Immigration Law

The best thing about BAL is that I can rest easy knowing my immigration program is running smoothly. We've collaborated closely to create processes that make things easier and reduce risk. Our company's program is a well-oiled machine with BAL managing it.

Immigration Law

We have been working with Berry Appleman & Leiden for a few years and have enjoyed working with them over the years. No matter who we work with at Berry Appleman & Leiden, they are responsive and helpful.

Immigration Law

Counsel at Berry Appleman & Leiden provides insights and legal guidance that exceeds other immigration law firms and which is critical to business planning and strategy.

Immigration Law

BAL brings the resources and expertise of a large firm, with the benefit of a dedicated core small team of attorneys that we partner with on a daily basis. As a large firm supporting Fortune 500 companies, they are able to handle many complex matters for our company, including merger and acquisition activity, supporting record hiring, and providing program support in this ever changing immigration landscape. The BAL Government Strategies team is exceptional. They proactively inform us of news developments that could impact our immigration program, and strategies to navigate any changes or challenges. What also makes BAL unique in the legal market is their collaborative approach and their firmwide pursuit of the exceptional. They are always open to exploring new ways to partner together, maintain compliance, improve our program, and improve the immigration experience for our foreign national employees. For example, BAL has changed the way that we prepare cases and bill for our H-1B cap/lottery process to reduce cost, streamline case preparation, and dramatically improve the accrual and billing process for our corporate accounting partners. In terms of collaboration, my impression is that the team works very well together. They celebrate their team wins, and also are always willing to take on constructive feedback with humility and a positive attitude. The BAL team regularly meets with our company's in-house HR/immigration team, typically at least 3 times per week, and we see the BAL attorneys as critical extensions to our HR/Immigration team. When we request to make an improvement or edit in a process, we have a good degree of confidence that the change will be made. The BAL team regularly comes to us with ideas on how to improve our immigration program, which we appreciate. In terms of quality, our BAL team rarely makes critical errors. Our approval rates for filings are very high, which I believe is a testament to the great work of the team and the firm.

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