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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Brent and his team always go above and beyond. They have been a valuable resource to our company for many years. We are always pleased with their work, and recommend them to anyone looking for insurance coverage expertise.

Teresa Niederwimmer The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Company

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Brent is in a league of his own with respect to professional liability insurance defense as well as professional liability insurance coverage opinions. He is our number one go to for this type of representation.

Karen McCarthy The Bar Plan

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

Brent and his team deliver not only expert knowledge and guidance in this nuanced area of law, but balance the ability to succeed at trial with practical counsel at all stages of the representation. I would trust Brent with the most complex of matters to handle, to provide honest and expedient evaluations, and to take to trial if necessary as one of the most skilled trial attorneys in the country. His dry, self-deprecating humor is just a bonus!

Steve Couch Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

I have worked with Brent Baldwin and his staff for many years now in the area of legal malpractice. They provide excellent service to our insureds and remain aligned with our goals and adhere to all our reporting and billing requirements. His expertise in the Legal Malpractice area is top notch. Insureds request him if they have worked with him before. I have complete confidence in Brent and everyone at his office.

Susan Scott CNA Insurance Company

Legal Malpractice Law - Defendants

I've worked with Brent Baldwin handling Legal Malpractice claims for many years now. His knowledge of the law applicable to Legal Malpractice is superior, which certainly lends to cost-effectiveness since he isn't spending time doing research. He spends his time resolving them. That knowledge and experience immediately puts an insured at ease. When the insured has confidence in the lawyer assigned to handle their case, it reflects well on me and our company. Brent knows what we expect with regard to reporting and he delivers. He gets to the heart of the matter without getting caught on the usual litigation track. He will talk to an insured who just has questions, provide pre-claim assistance to help an insured avoid a claim altogether or determine when there is exposure and move to quickly resolve the claim before it goes into litigation. My insureds give excellent feedback, and if they've worked with Brent and his firm before and have another claim, they always ask for him again. His goal is aligned with mine, to resolve a claim in the best way possible for my insured, whether that is by settlement, early motion practice or taking the case to trial. I know when I assign a matter to Brent, it is in good hands.

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