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Family Law

BAM Family Law was instrumental in stopping the madness of my family's legal situation. They understood the financial and emotional impact incoming litigation was having on our family. They understood I did not have unlimited funds and creatively split the work across senior and junior staff, appropriately, to lessen the financial impact. At the end, they were relentless in defending the children, and I will always be immensely grateful to BAM Family Law for their professionalism and humanity, which I rarely saw in all my legal battles.

Family Law

I have worked with BAM Family Law on and off for over six years due to a difficult family situation. From my first consult, they were invested in my case. When faced with the need for representation in Domestic Relations Court, it often feels overwhelming and lonely. The BAM Family Law team eases those feelings in the way they operate. They are the whole package. Not only were they invested in my case, they took extra care with me as an individual. They ensured at every step I understood my options and how the law applied to my situation. Margot, Steven and Alex are a dynamic team who work together to develop a strategy; the synergy that results may not always result in a win, but it does validate that the final strategy is the best way forward with any set of conditions. What stands out to me the most is I felt like their only client while knowing I was not. I recommend BAM Family Law to everyone I know.

Family Law

I have hired BAM Family Law for multiple cases that have affected my life and family, from divorce to parenting plan modifications, and most recently, relocation. They are thoughtful, resourceful, creative, and a true collaborative team. These family situations can be high stress and BAM has always taken great care to be sensitive while also being realistic and strategic. I have used their partners as well as their additional lawyers and they have always responsibly used my retainer while accomplishing my goals. Hopefully I won’t have to use their services again, but if I do, I would not ever consider another firm. BAM is by far the best legal choice in Colorado.

Bethany Lowenstein

Family Law

BAM Family Law came highly recommended to me due to the complexities in my divorce. Their caliber of work and representation are unparalleled.

Family Law

I have used BAM Family Law in two complicated child custody arrangements. I have worked extensively with Heather Broxterman and Steven Visioli. I could not have received better representation. The two of them were extremely accessible and took the time to listen to both my needs and the needs and desires of my children. They have an incredible ability to take the stress out of a very stressful situation. Their knowledge of the law, the court, and their ability to anticipate the strategy, arguments and attempted misrepresentations of the other side meant there were no surprises during the hearings and the outcomes were always in line with or exceeded my expectations. They have been extremely flexible as well, and have allowed me work out a payment arrangement that fit my budget. If you are looking for the best family law firm in Colorado that will fight for you, look no further than Broxterman Alicks McFarlane PC. I highly recommend them.

Brooke Ward

Family Law

After $5,000 evaporated with another Denver attorney who billed every week for "Case Review" and had not even read my dissolution judgment before the hearing, I spoke with Steven Visioli of BAM. His competence and expertise were immediately apparent; he understood the risks involved in the case, and he knew the laws and prior cases needed to support our argument. BAM prepared a very professional trial binder, and we met in advance to review the documents and probable questions from the judge. The outcome was stunning; the judge completely concurred with Visioli's argument and made an award far beyond what I had anticipated. During the preparation for the trial, all calls to BAM's office were answered quickly and Visioli responded within the day. At one point, a more senior attorney conferred with us on the call, and her additional insights offered other case law as support. My impressions of BAM is that they have hired attorneys who personally adhere to a standard of excellence that supports the clients' best interests.

Juliet Beckman

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