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Bardacke Allison LLP

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Client Comments

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Commercial Litigation

The Bardacke Allison team was very responsive to our situation and got us the desired outcome.

Robert Proulx Imagion Biosystems, Inc.

Copyright Law

Ben Allison at Bardacke Allison has served the Conan Doyle Estate Ltd superbly well over many years. He has guided us through the minefield of IP law in the US with aplomb and a commitment which I have not come across in any other lawyer I have worked with. I would go so far as to say that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself would have been glad to have had such a high-calibre lawyer on his side during the many campaigns he fought to uphold justice and help those less influential than himself. Maybe his most famous creation, Sherlock Holmes, would have occasionally found need of Ben's services!

Richard Pooley Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd.