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Bayard, P.A.

Main Location

600 North King Street, Suite 400
P.O. Box 25130
Wilmington, DE 19899



Bankruptcy/Commercial Litigation

Charlene D. Davis
(302) 429-4212
Justin R. Alberto
(302) 429-4226
Scott D. Cousins
(302) 429-4261


Neil B. Glassman
(302) 429-4224

Bankruptcy/Insurance/Commercial Transactions

GianClaudio Finizio
(302) 429-4240

Business Entity & Commercial Transactions/Insurance

Marla H. Norton
(302) 429-4214

Business Litigation/Commercial Litigation/Corporate Litigation/Intellectual Property Litigation

Stephen B. Brauerman
(302) 429-4232

Business Litigation/Intellectual Property Litigation/Administrative Law/Environmental Law

Richard D. Kirk
(302) 429-4208


Estate Planning & Administrative Services/Tax Planning

Steven R. Director
(302) 429-4222

Family Law

Curtis P. Bounds
(302) 429-4221
Kara M. Swasey
(302) 429-4259
Megan McGovern


Vice Chairman

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