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Benedon & Serlin, LLP

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Appellate Practice

Benedon & Serlin is exceptionally qualified in appellate matters. The firm has a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience and success in handling all aspects of appeals.

Appellate Practice

Benedon & Serlin attorneys are always very responsive and are very willing to discuss appellate issues by telephone. Our firm has worked with them on appeals a number of times and they have always done a superlatively good job.

Roger Buffington Buffington Law Firm PC

Appellate Practice

I have worked closely with Gerald Serlin of Benedon & Serlin for many years. I have brought him into my cases to strategize and think with me, and it is always a pleasure to work with him. I have also sent him cases when my workload was full, and the firms or clients were always happy with their work. I trust their work and their integrity.

Honey Amado Honey Kessler Amado, Attorney At Law

Appellate Practice

I've referred quite a few appellate cases to Benedon & Serlin over the past 15 (or more) years. The firm has obtained excellent results for my clients. The managing partners, and the lawyers assigned to my clients' cases, have been bright, efficient, caring, and responsive. I've attended oral arguments on many of the referred cases and note that the local judges are familiar with (and have a high level of respect) for the firm and its attorneys. I will continue to recommend this firm to my clients without hesitation.

H. Joseph Nourmand Law Offices of H. Joseph Nourmand, APC

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