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Benson, Kerrane, Storz & Nelson, P.C.

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Litigation - Construction

The team at Benson, Kerrane, Storz & Nelson belie the (unfair) notion that lawyers are cut-throat and impersonal. Heidi Storz and her team are smart, responsive, genuine, and warm. They keep clients up-to-date on their cases, respond to a client's questions promptly and make sure that the client understands what they're saying. I feel like I'm getting top-notch legal advice and representation. The firm's lawyers have made an unpleasant situation more bearable.

Litigation - Construction

Benson, Kerrane, Storz & Nelson is an excellent firm. They took care of our community and made sure our community was given a chance to correct the construction defect made by the builder. Without them, our community would have been left holding the bag for a multi-million construction defect.

Litigation - Construction

Our HOA was pleased with our association with Benson, Kerrane, Storz & Nelson. I was the treasurer on our HOA Board at the time and was our representative testifying before the Arbiter. They were quite patient in educating us regarding construction defect - law pertaining to construction defect, engineering reports, arbitration procedure, etc. They were very accessible and responsive to occurrences on our property and questions we had during that time. Benson, Kerrane, Storz & Nelson provided a better-than-expected settlement of our grievances with the builder of our homes.

Pamela DeMichele