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Health Care Law

Bershtein, Volpe & McKeon provides expertise in this area (health care law) on a level that is unsurpassed in the Connecticut market. While I do not work with the other firms on a regular basis, I have had interactions with many of them over the course of the past 15 years working in the health care sector in Connecticut. I have found BVM to be responsive to my needs and take the time to understand my business and how the issue at hand will affect our position in the market from more than just a legal viewpoint. Michele Volpe has been my contact at the firm, and I always feel as though I am her most important client and that my issues are always on the "the top of the pile." Michele and her staff have taken the time to understand the market and the issues that are affecting it today and into the future in order to help position my company in the best light possible. BVM is a welcome addition to our management team.

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