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Corporate Law

I love working with Bowles Rice. They are very professional and responsive.

Mike Green Mountain State Capital General Partners

Banking and Finance Law

Bowles Rice has 1st class knowledge and ability to deal with nuanced issues.

Rudy Henley West Virginia Commercial LLC

Banking and Finance Law

The Banking Law group at Bowles Rice does an excellent job! I highly recommend them.

Construction Law

We wouldn't be in the construction business if Bowles Rice wasn't our partner!

John Jarrett Jarrett Construction Services

Insurance Law

Bowles Rice has outstanding legal acumen.

Corporate Law

Ellen Maxwell-Hoffman at Bowles Rice does an exceptional job of handling our corporate legal needs. Ellen understands our business to ensure that we are getting the best customized advice that best fits our business needs. Our company is foreign owned and does not have in-house counsel. As such, we must heavily rely on the advice and guidance from Ellen. We have presented many unique challenges to Ellen and she has handled each challenge in exemplary fashion.

Jeffrey J. McLaughlin Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc.

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Melody Simpson at Bowles Rice primarily handles our Employee Benefits (ERISA) law issues. Melody is very thorough with her work and has guided our company through many complicated ERISA issues. Melody is the leading authority when it comes to addressing 401K questions. Melody is an outstanding attorney.

Jeffrey J. McLaughlin Wheeling-Nisshin, Inc.

Insurance Law

Bowles Rice offers excellent customer service. They understand the issues and get great results.

Toney Stroud BrickStreet Insurance

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