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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Family Law

I have been beyond impressed with the Brewe Layman firm and specifically Sara Epler and team. Sara has been able to navigate a very complicated and stressful situation with her vast experience and knowledge in all areas of family law. Sara hasn't missed a beat in the 3 years we have worked together and her attention to detail truly sets her apart from her competitors. I am grateful to have such a dedicated team of attorneys behind me advocating on my behalf.

Family Law

I am a retired Superior Court Judge and currently privately mediate cases. I have been aware of Brewe Layman’s legal work for in excess of 15 years. They are of the highest caliber lawyers. They represent clients exceptionally well. They are invariably well prepared, I do not recall any case in which I thought their preparation lacking. If a new issue arose in court they dealt with it promptly and professionally. They are consistently polite, even in the trying circumstances so often present in Family Law cases. They think ahead and do not needlessly take up time. Since I retired two years ago I have mediated several cases in which the firm was involved. My observations of the firm from a mediator’s point of view are consistent with my observations from the bench. The Brewe Layman firm is of the highest caliber.

Family Law

I have had the honor and the privilege to have Brewe Layman as opposing counsel and co-counsel on legal matters. I am always impressed with their level of professionalism and knowledge of the law. They are fierce advocates but that fierceness is focused on a desire for fairness and good outcomes for their clients. Truly one of the best law firms I have had the pleasure to work with in our community.

Matthew Walker

Family Law

Brewe Layman is the hardest working, caring, and easy to work with law firm I have ever encountered.

Raymond Savea

Family Law

In the most trying time of my life the team at Brewe Layman guided me through with passion and energy to resolve a life changing experience for me and my children. They listened to me whenever I had a question and simply needed an ear. I am so thankful for the recommendation to Brewe Layman and would without hesitation recommend them to a person in need. Brewe Layman helped me set a wonderful course for the rest of my life. Forever thankful.

Family Law

Brewe Layman has great expertise and is very efficient. I strongly recommend this firm.

Family Law

Words can not express how grateful I am to have found Sara Epler at Brewe Layman. She has been invaluable in helping me though a high conflict divorce. My case required extra patience and diligence on her part. She was encouraging and supportive as I struggled through the unknowns and fears of leaving an abusive marriage. Her ethics are of the highest standard. She is poised, prepared, and well-spoken in the court room. I have found her to be experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, and honest. Her paralegal is the absolute best. They make a fabulous team. I highly recommend Sara without any reservations.

Angela Cook

Family Law

After starting with a different family law attorney, I was recommended by an attorney friend to Brewe Layman, and Sara Epler in particular. Her support (and Brewe Layman's support) was the critical difference in the outcome of my case. Throughout navigating a roller-coaster ride, my attorney was always exquisitely prepared, supportive, and authoritative in answering my questions, and rock-steady in facilitating the process moving forward briskly and productively. She (and her firm) clearly had an amazing reputation--this was clear in her interactions with other counsel, judges, and a mediator. In addition, the billing of hours was very fair and reasonable. I couldn't recommend this firm highly enough--and I already have recommended this firm to several friends.

Kirk Myers

Family Law

Brewe Layman has exceptional expertise and experience in the area of family law. The attorneys and staff are very practical in their efforts to get a case settled, and have excellent trial skills for the cases that cannot be settled.

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