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Brown Goldstein Levy LLP

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Employment Law - Individuals

Brown Goldstein Levy is one of the best law firms I have interacted with in my almost 44 years as a lawyer. Since 2002, I have referred at least 10 cases to the firm, each case of considerable complexity. Not only have they gotten wonderful results for the client, but they immediately put clients at ease with their confidence, knowledge and pleasant nature. The lawyer in this excellent firm with whom I am closest is name partner Andrew Levy. I unhesitatingly recommend Andy as the best litigator I have ever associated with. Besides being highly intelligent and skilled, Andy has excellent judgment and had very high integrity. Andy embodies the excellence of this firm across the board. If someone comes to me with a complex litigation problem, my unhesitatingly first instinct is to see if this firm can handle the case; and my enthusiasm is the same not only for Greater Baltimore/DC litigation, but for litigation anywhere in the country.