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Corporate Law

Cades Schutte is an excellent firm. They are open to new ideas and respectful. A good diversity of legal expertise.

Ken Gilbert Business Consultant Resources

Corporate Law

We have been extraordinarily pleased with our interaction and communication with our attorney Marc Rousseau of Cades Schutte. They are very knowledgeable and has helped us a great deal. We look forward to our continued partnership!

Jim Doran Ceramic Tile Plus

Real Estate Law

I employed Cades Schutte because of the depth of their experience in this field and because the stakes were high for me. I felt that the attorneys' warm personalities allowed for an open sharing of information and compatibility of purpose. Should the need arise, I would retain the firm again. Their attorneys have a broad range of experience which allows the firm to competently handle the broad range of issues that often need to be addressed in this field.

Kurt Bosshard

Land Use & Zoning Law

Our land use attorney, Cal Chipchase, with Cades Schutte, gave us excellent guidance in a very thorny situation that dragged on for years. In the end, we achieved the result we were looking for. But, it could have gone sideways several times if Cal hadn't expertly led us through the process. He was always competent, honest and easy to work with. He had our back. Despite the cost, we would absolutely use Cades Schutte again if faced with a similar situation.

Insurance Law

Cades Schutte represented me as an individual challenging a billion dollar business. The defendant firm tried hard to overwhelm us by flooding lawyers on to their team. The Cades Schutte team worked tirelessly all the way through a mandatory arbitration in which i was awarded a 7 figure settlement.

Litigation - Land Use & Zoning

The Cades Schutte team took over my single family house (2350 sq. ft.) permit case in a subdivision after 4 years of prior litigation and one trip to the Hawaii Supreme Court. Their skilled team counseled and guided me to ultimately getting the home built despite numerous litigations and planning commission appearances.

Litigation - First Amendment

Cades Schutte's Jeff Portnoy is the go-to lawyer for First Amendment issues in Hawaii.

Mark Hinueber Stephens Media

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