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Immigration Law

Benjamin Snyder in my opinion is absolutely brilliant!!! In our first meeting he came up with a solution that would fit the need of our company to transition into the U.S.A and explained in detail every step we will take and the timeframe and cost of it in detail. We are a very satisfied customer. Regards Francois Labuschagne 770 878 0048 (CEO ALPHA MACHINING LLC) U.S.A. (CEO QUICK TURN ENGINEERING PTYLTD) S.A.

Francois Labuschagne Alpha Machining, LLC

Immigration Law

Ben and his team did a sterling job helping us navigate the difficulties and intricacies of employment based immigration. Their thoroughness and attention to detail was cardinal in getting our case petitioned and approved in a realistic timeframe.

Jacob Lubbe Gateway Recovery

Immigration Law

I am Rajarshi Roy, employed as a Computational Analyst at Corvid Technologies in Mooresville, NC 28204. I am writing to express my strong reference for the Charlotte Immigration Law Firm. I worked with the Charlotte Immigration Law Firm for the filing of my temporary work authorization (O-1A) as well as my permanent residence (EB1B) application. During both these processes, I worked with Mr. Benjamin Snyder of the Charlotte Immigration Law Firm. The O-1A work authorization was necessitated since my H1B application was not selected due to the lottery system. Ben Snyder and his team put in a strong application despite the time constraints, and my petition was approved within 15 days. During this time, I found Ben very responsive to my concerns about the application, and he kept me abreast of all the uncertainties in the application process, due to which there were no major surprises. In the December of 2016, I returned to India to visit my family, and my visa stamping at the local US consulate at Kolkata, India was up for renewal since I had transferred from a student visa to a work visa (O-1A). The Kolkata consulate, after deliberating over my application, declined to stamp the visa and, instead, put my visa application on administrative hold. Upon informing Ben of these unforeseen developments, Ben swiftly followed up with the consul and even approached the local North Carolina senator to approach the Kolkata consulate to expedite my visa processing. I was very impressed with Ben and his team’s responsiveness because my presence in the US was urgently needed for the timely submission of some research proposals of our company. Ben also worked with me from December 2017 to April 2018 for the preparation of my petition for US permanent residence. Again, Ben worked very efficiently to put together a very strong application, which was approved within 15 days. I would highly recommend Ben and his team at the Charlotte Immigration Law Firm for any assistance with work authorization and employment-related work authorization.

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