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Christian & Small LLP

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Client Comments

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Commercial Litigation

Christian & Small is excellent, professional, friendly and very easy to work with.

Marion Spina Spina Marketing

Employment Law - Management

Christian & Small has an excellent reputation and provides excellent advice. I would recommend them to any company.

Employment Law - Management

David Walston is a competent, attorney with an excellent since of urgency to return calls and answer all our concerns regarding employment issues. I would highly recommend him for all employment issues. He is an excellent reference of consultation of day to day HR issues and concerns. Having access to his expertise prior to making disciplinary and other employment decisions is priceless.

Jerry Jones Southeastern Extrusion and Tool

Insurance Law

Christian & Small does excellent work in a highly professional manner at a fair price. They have extensive knowledge of the various Courts all over Alabama which adds more value to the work they perform.

Transportation Law

I have used the attorneys at Christian & Small for several transportation cases and have found their work product and professionalism over and above the standard.

Harry Kimball River Valley Fleet Safety Consulting