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Corporate Law

The attorneys at Coan, Payton & Payne are fantastic!

Real Estate Law

I have dealt with Coan, Payton & Payne in at least 4 real estate transactions in the past 8 years. Some of these transactions were commercial and dealt with more complicated issues including 1031 exchanges, negotiations and leases and research even before offers and counter offers were begun. My experience was always positive and I knew I would get answers and action immediately. Never did I have to call to get answers or action. They were always ahead of me. I also dealt with Coan, Payton and Payne on more general real estate transactions involving smaller investment properties. Although smaller and less complex, these transactions were handled with the same degree of professionalism , detail and timeliness. The lawyer with whom I dealt with on all my transactions is Michael C. Payne

Corporate Law

Coan, Payton & Payne is a great firm in that they think like a partner in advising their clients, while providing the full spectrum of choice and the risks associated with each. Also, they are very strategic and efficient in their approach to the negotiation and completion of matters.

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