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Significant Matters

We succeeded in having two of our clients' trademarks declared to be "famous marks" by the US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board:

  1.   Major League Baseball's marks WORLD SERIES (Opposition No. 91200934) and MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (Cancellation No. 92060903).
  2.   ESRT Empire State Building's mark EMPIRE STATE BUILDING IMAGE (Opposition No. 91204122).

The TTAB also decided that the designations 1.0, 1.25 and 1.5 in plain or stylized letters are generic for cigarette rolling papers and could be freely used by our client. (Opposition No. 9158276).

Our decision from the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals that the graphic designs on our client's cheerleading uniforms is copyrightable was affirmed by the US Supreme Court.

We succeeded in having the Southern District of New York dismiss alleged copyright infringement claims as to 38 stock photographic images.   

We defeated a preliminary injunction motion in the Southern District of New York by the owners of The Cotton Club nightclub in New York seeking to prevent the title of New York City Center's musical "Cotton Club Parade."



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