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Franchise Law

Dady & Gardner provided phenomenal support, never in doubt that the entire practice had my back and best interests at heart.

Niri Patel BNI Franchisee

Franchise Law

I have worked primarily with Michael Dady, but all the Dady & Gardner lawyers with whom I have worked are outstanding.

Larry Newell Former CEO of Texas Dairy Queen Operators Council (TDQOC)

Franchise Law

My experience with Dady & Gardner's law firm lasted about 4 years. Throughout the process, they were very responsive, informative, and able to find ways to keep the process moving when the opposing party wanted to do everything they could do to slow and draw out the process. When things looked less positive Dady & Gardner's law firm provided real support, clarification, and direction to get the process back on track.

Jim Dietvorst Colorado Cottman Transmissions

Franchise Law

Dady & Gardner has been a fantastic partner to our independent franchise association for more than five years. We think of Mark Dady as our internal general counsel and actively seek his input in our decision making. I also use Dady & Gardner for my 50-unit franchised business. Their expertise, and responsiveness have earned my full trust and my unwavering endorsement. The firm's billing practice is fair and well-documented.

Pete Hopkins United PF Partners (Planet Fitness)

Franchise Law

Dady & Gardner’s wrote the book on the law of franchising in America at a time when there were no rules addressing the insurmountable injustices and inequalities that existed in the franchise business. Since it’s inception, Dady & Gardner’s has dedicated its practices in transforming the franchise business to the respectable industry it has become. Today, Dady & Gardner is one of the few respectable law firms in the country that has dedicated its services to representing franchisee business only.

George Frambo Global Financial Services, Inc.

Franchise Law

Mark Dady is an outstanding attorney, who works with a constructive, not combative style that is extremely helpful in negotiations.

David Humphrey Exaltare Capital Partners

Franchise Law

Michael Dady and his firm Dady & Gardner have done an excellent job of understanding us and our case. They are great listeners, and we feel confident with every single one of their lawyers being able to represent us. When we did have to argue our case, it was apparent how much better prepared our team was than the opposition. They are well versed in the law and I feel like we would be taking a much greater risk with any lesser firm. Being a middle-class business, representation can get expensive when it comes directly out of your pocket. But, I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for. We are very pleased with their knowledge and services.

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