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Daniel Coker Horton & Bell, P.A.

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Litigation - Labor & Employment

Daniel Coker Horton & Bell is always professional and strives for the best results for their clients.

Corporate Law

Kenneth Rutherford of Daniel Coker Horton & Bell is very knowledgeable in Corporate and Business Law.

Commercial Litigation

Kenneth Rutherford in Daniel Coker Horton & Bell's Oxford Mississippi office is very knowledgeable in Antitrust Litigation.

Litigation - Labor & Employment

Daniel Coker Horton & Bell is probably the best law firm in the State of Mississippi. They have assisted us with Labor claims, worker's comp and OSHA consultation.

Trey Phyfer United Furniture Industries

Workers' Compensation Law - Employers

Daniel Coker Horton & Bell handles the majority of our workers' compensation claims.

Professional Malpractice Law - Defendants

Daniel Coker Horton & Bell is a great defense firm for lawyers. The clients love them and they get great results. They give consistently high-quality, reliable service.

Commercial Litigation

Daniel Coker Horton & Bell is a tremendous firm. Jack Ables has always presented himself and his firm in the most professional manner.

John Thomas Harvey Harvey of Bossier City