Client Comments

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Insurance Law

I have nothing but praise for DarrasLaw. They excelled in every aspect one can imagine: experience, timeliness, and overall effectiveness. My DarrasLaw attorney was very knowledgeable, clear, concise, prompt, and more than willing to answer any questions I had. I can't say enough good about this firm, and in particular the attorney assigned to my case. I thank my lucky stars daily that I was acquainted with them. I am on the east coast and they are on the west coast and were much better, more prompt and more effective than my local attorney (please don't concern yourself with distance). I would definitely highly recommend this firm with the utmost confidence that you would be in the very best hands possible!

Mona Barham

Insurance Law

Darras Law was very thorough in its assistance in my case. They let me know from the beginning what to expect, and were always available to answer any questions or concerns I might have. They were knowledgable about the law and what I was going through. There are many different lawyers there, and if one couldn't answer something, they directed me to another that could in their firm. I would highly recommend them as lawyers to assist in anyone's insurance case.

Jennifer Shabec

Insurance Law

My experience with Darras Law Firm was very positive. Besides being very professional they are very caring and thoughtful. Any questions or concerns received a prompt response. They kept me informed of the progress of my case the entire time. They deserve to be rated as one of the best law firms and I highly recommend them.

Lewis PiperJr.