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Desmarais LLP

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Significant Matters

Representative Matters:

  • Intellectual Ventures I LLC et al. v. Canon Inc. et al. (Delaware, May 2014):  For client Intellectual Ventures, won jury verdict that two patents were valid and infringed by Canon's digital cameras.
  • In re Certain Electronic Devices (ITC, September 2013): After five-day trial, won initial determination on behalf of Nokia Corporation that HTC infringed two patents and secured a recommended limited exclusion order barring HTC smartphones from entering the country.
  • VirnetX, Inc. et al. v. Cisco Systems, Inc. (Tyler, Texas, March 2013): For client Cisco Systems, Inc., the Firm won a complete defense jury verdict of non-infringement on four VirnetX patents related to virtual private networks, which VirnetX asserted against virtually all of Cisco's product lines.  Although plaintiff VirnetX previously won jury verdicts of $368 million against Apple, and $108 million against Microsoft (leading to a $200 million settlement), the jury rejected VirnetX's $258 million damages claim against Cisco, similarly rejecting VirnetX's claim of willful infringement and eliminating any basis for its request for injunctive relief.