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DiMuroGinsberg, PC

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Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provide them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Commercial Litigation

Should we need the type of services DiMuroGinsberg offers in the future, we have no qualms about going back to them. The staff was great, bright, well-informed, easily accessible and shared our concern for animals (we're a non-profit).

Employment Law - Management

DiMuroGinsberg is a great firm with great lawyers, particularly Jonathan Mook.

Personal Injury Litigation - Plaintiffs

I was involved in an accident, involving over fifty people. With a very limited insurance policy and multiple people involved, DiMuroGinsberg handled my case with ease. All staff involved made sure all of my concerns were heard and I was properly prepped upon my hearing. I would recommend DiMuroGinsberg to anyone in search of an attorney who looks at you as a person, not just a client.

Employment Law - Management

Jonathan Mook of DiMuroGinsberg is (and has been for years) an outstanding resource for Delta, primarily on the topic of ADA law. Although I was the first Delta attorney to work with him, Jonathan now works with all of my colleagues and everyone values Jonathan's astute analysis. Not only is Jonathan our go-to resource on complex ADA issues, but he also has taken the time to learn our complex industry so that his advice can be even more on point and effective.