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Donald R. Philbin, Jr., P.C.

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Donald R. Philbin, Jr. is a great mediator, particularly for complex commercial, family, or estate disputes. He brings his analytical expertise related to litigation and his experience as an attorney and litigator to bear on all parties for successful resolution of cases.


I have worked with Donald R. Philbin, Jr. as a mediator at least six times in the last two years. Don's track record of success in those mediations is beyond compare. He is extremely hardworking, patient, and whip smart. In each case Don assisted the parties to reach a settlement. I highly recommend him as a mediator.

Daniel Lanfear Lanfear Law Firm, P.C.


Donald R. Philbin, Jr. is a highly experienced and an excellent mediator.

Daniel Sciano Tinsman & Sciano, Inc.


We call Donald R. Philbin, Jr. for some of our bigger, more difficult, and more important cases, especially commercial, probate, and property disputes. If it can get settled, he finds a way. He's very quick to understand complex matters. He works hard and stays with it.


Donald R. Philbin, Jr. is an excellent mediator, who has frequently settled highly contentious cases for both myself and colleagues. I recommend him highly.

James Carter Langley & Banack


Mr. Donald R. Philbin, Jr. is an excellent mediator. He works hard to forge an agreement and employs his experience to suggest creative solutions to disputes.

Jonathan Pauerstein Rosenthal Pauerstein Sandoloski Agather LLP