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Mergers & Acquisitions Law

Mike Sweeney at Duffy & Sweeney is a clear and strong leader. The best surprise was the expertise of the firm's attorneys; each was superb in their lane. Each person was responsive, patient and efficient. Each person put their head down when it was time to close the deal. Each understood how and when to hold ground. Each lawyer was confident and assured in a simple, understated manner. This way of being was by far, the firm's greatest strength and a fine reflection of the leadership there. In this line of work, there are a thousand things that can go wrong. Duffy & Sweeney pulled our deal through as we envisioned.

Andy Sigal Tourtellot & Co., Inc.

Commercial Litigation

Working with Stacey Nakasian at Duffy & Sweeney on my only arbitration ever was an amazing experience. We won a full award and our team was clearly superior to our competition. It felt good to have the best attorney in the room!

Matt Sluter New England Construction

Commercial Litigation

I was fortunate enough to have found Stacey Nakasian of Duffy & Sweeney last year and she took over my case. Prior to working with Stacey, I was certainly losing an uphill battle and was also completely deflated with the legal system and processes. She managed to fight tooth and nail through mediation to deliver an outcome that I was not only comfortable with but also relieved to reach. Both Stacey and her team at Duffy & Sweeney were understanding, efficient, communicative and provided me with confidence that the fate of my lawsuit was in the best of hands. I couldn't be more grateful of the work that Stacey did, the confidence that she conveyed and the effectiveness of her approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

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