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Immigration Law

Ellen and her team were great to work with during the immigration process of getting my employee his H1B. From keeping me updated in the process to upcoming updates to the law and finally working hand in hand with me through filing the necessary paperwork. I highly recommend Ellen Freeman Immigration Law Group.

Don Schooley Sharper Image

Immigration Law

Ms. Freeman is unparalleled in her expertise and responsiveness when it comes to immigration law. I would highly recommend her to any company needing assistance in this area of the law.

Susan Greenspon Remmelt Smile Direct Club

Immigration Law

Ellen has handled our immigration matters for years. Her knowledge, experience, work ethic, and responsiveness to her client's needs are exemplary.

Immigration Law

Ellen is one of the best immigration attorneys I've worked with. I've worked with a number of immigration practices through out my career, as an HR professional who relies on immigration experts for assistance with sponsorship for our qualified workers. Ellen is extremely responsive, and always willing to give her time to answer questions and to provide insight in the process. She is great at anticipating what could be concerns for the sponsor or the applicant down the line, and is helpful in educating all parties on what to expert. I like Ellen's style, and appreciate her honesty. In a process that can be filled with anxiety for the applicant, Ellen is great at helping them understand what is needed, but also isn't afraid to be blunt if the fear or concern is unfounded. In our world today, there is a lot of misinformation or negative anecdotes that can cause frequent concerns for applicants, and Ellen is helpful in letting employees feel supported while not focusing on every possible negative outcome that could happen in the process.

Immigration Law

I have worked with Ellen Freeman on many different immigration projects for our company over the past 6 months. I have enjoyed her style and trust her advice as well as her vast network of connections with immigration counsel around the globe. She is a trusted resource of first resort.

Josh Sudbury Smile Direct Club

Immigration Law

I has been working with Ellen Freeman Immigration Law Group since 2012 and there are no cases where we were not able to bring employees from other countries to Puerto Rico (US territory). All cases were managed by them and they work fast and efficiently.

Leyla Zelaya Puma Energy

Immigration Law

Ellen Freeman is an outstanding immigration attorney who understands the business needs of her client and is responsive to same. Efficient and excellent service.

Susan Greenspon Remmelt Smile Direct Club

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