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Feinberg Hanson LLP

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Client Comments

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Corporate Law

David Feinberg of Feinberg Hanson is an amazing lawyer! He is both engaged and intelligent!

Venture Capital Law

Feinberg Hanson has a solid knowledge base on VC structures.

Corporate Law

Feinberg Hanson offers high quality, good service.

Corporate Law

I have used Feinberg Hanson for over twenty years for two companies and have recommended them to others multiple times. Feinberg Hanson's quality matches the bigger more expensive firms, but with less hierarchy and at a much more reasonable cost. They are a pleasure to work with. The principals are very accessible and the staff is lean and focused. I have gotten positive feedback from the people I have recommended them to. I highly recommend Feinberg Hanson.

Howie Rodenstein PARx Solutions, Inc.

Corporate Law

Harry Hanson and his team at Feinberg Hanson have provided very valuable and timely support to our organization for the past few years. He and his team are very responsive, professional and easy to work with.

Rick Clemon Digilant Corporation