Client Comments

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Health Care Law

Garfunkel Wild is an excellent firm on all aspects of healthcare law and related legal issues. Great expertise and depth.

Keith Safian Phelps Memorial Hospital

Health Care Law

Garfunkel Wild provides a team of healthcare law experts who work exceedingly well with each other and with their clients. They consistently demonstrate the knowledge and experience that is critical in addressing complex regulatory and legal matters. They are the first firm I call and they continuously validate my level of confidence in the firm.

Robert Sideman Kingston Hospital

Health Care Law

Garfunkel Wild is an excellent law firm and are the top experts in their field. They respond to my questions and needs immediately! They are extremely professional. An overall pleasure to work with! The top law firm in the area with many years of experience.

Marc Meltzer

Health Care Law

Garfunkel Wild is extremely responsive with expertise in all areas of healthcare law.

Jay Cahalan Columbia Memorial Hospital

Health Care Law

Garfunkel Wild has broad-based expertise in all matters pertinent to healthcare law, including: clinical care, research, business law, compliance, real estate, reimbursement, civil and criminal matters, and human resources. This firm is responsive and considerate of cost to the client.

Daniel Blum Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

Health Care Law

I have worked with Garfunkel Wild for more than 20 years in most every aspect of health care/hospital law. I have always found them to be professional, responsive, honest, experienced, and reality based. They have great integrity and value.

Paul Connor, III Eastern Long Island Hospital