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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law

Gibbons is an exceptional law firm. Its partners are exceptionally smart, knowledgeable about the law, tenacious in advocating for its clients, and personable. I've worked with Gibbons for ten years on various matters, and it is my go-to firm when I need East Coast representation in complex bankruptcy and insolvency matters. I first met Gibbons ten years ago when it represented the chapter 11 trustee of an exceptionally complex mega-bankruptcy, consisting of 22,000 creditors and $59.7 billion in asserted claims held by sophisticated parties. Gibbons represented its client exceptionally well. Gibbons negotiated with dozens of stakeholders to get a plan confirmed, and distributed millions of dollars to thousands of creditors across 22 classes of claims. It approached the case in a very balanced way, with a deep understanding of the law and with a practical "here's how it will work" manner that non-attorneys could understand. I highly recommend Gibbons.

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law

I have retained Gibbons' bankruptcy and creditor debtor rights group as well as other groups within Gibbons and, in each case, they were extremely professional, knowledgeable, expert in their respective area and very responsive. I found them to be more than just legal counsel; they were true business partners and added enormous value to my company's objectives.

Carter Pennington Cardinal Strategy Group LLC

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law

Gibbons has a strong client orientation and deep bench.

Sharon Manewitz Manewitz Weiker Associates, LLC

Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights / Insolvency and Reorganization Law

Gibbons attorneys are pragmatic, diligent and results oriented. I welcome the opportunity to work with them or on opposing sides.

Corporate Law

Gibbons has provided excellent legal counsel in M&A, equity and debt corporate finance, transaction structure, new business formation, litigation and employee matters. The knowledge of the professionals, their deep experience, and their intense focus on the goals and well-being of our companies are exemplary. They show a remarkable ability to quickly get to the core issues and provide solutions. Particularly, I have found they amicably resolve issues with opposing counsel such that our interests are rigorously protected, but the transaction is efficiently accomplished. Gibbons lawyers are among our most valued professional teammates.

Hamilton F. Potter III Skillman Capital & Management, LLC

Corporate Law

It has been a real pleasure working with the Gibbons team. They are always there for me for my questions and provide sound advice.

Mark Goldberg Elkem Silicones USA Corp.

Corporate Law

Gibbons has been first rate all the way. We have used them on various corporate matters and real estate. They have a deep bench and their responsiveness and professionalism is first class all the way. We only started working with them a few years ago but they do an excellent job.

Government Relations Practice

Gibbons is very knowledgeable as to the mechanics of government and legislation, as well as the people who make things happen. I have worked with Gibbons on a variety of policy issues and can always depend on them for an insightful analysis and a get-it-done approach.

Health Care Law

We are a large and growing non-profit health care entity, and Gibbons has consistently provided solid, responsive advice and counsel across a wide spectrum of issues. Most recently we used them to expand into services and corporate structures that we were unfamiliar with, and their guidance was top notch.

John Chiappinelli Visiting Nurse Association Health Group, Inc.

Criminal Defense: White-Collar

Larry Lustberg at Gibbons is simply one of the most talented, knowledgeable and insightful lawyers with whom I have had the privilege to consult during the course of my 46 years at the bar. His sound judgment, his strategic approach to both negotiations and courtroom challenges and his commitment to justice have few peers.

Brian Greenspan Greenspan Humphrey Weinstein

Criminal Defense: White-Collar

The attorney's and staff members at Gibbons are experts in their individual fields. I'm dealing with a complicated matter that they have been dedicated to resolving. I appreciate their diligent research, personal support and persistence in trying to obtain a positive outcome.

Victor Santos Santos Dos Santos

Commercial Litigation

The Gibbons litigation team was highly effective. They made sure ever member of the defense team was prepared for testifying and depositions. I felt extremely comfortable with them by my side.

Commercial Litigation

I found the lawyers at Gibbons I worked with were very responsive. Always took the time to make sure they completely addressed my concerns. Very competent and professional. Adhered to budgets, timelines and deliverables.

Commercial Litigation

We have worked with Gibbons as co-counsel in several trademark matters. The Gibbons attorneys with whom we work, Brian McMahon and Brugh Lower, are savvy, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable about the NJ U.S. District Court and Judges. Their guidance and insights consistently have proved invaluable to achieving success in the cases we've collaborated on.

Robert D. Litowitz Kelly IP, LLP

Commercial Litigation

I have worked with Gibbons litigators in New York and New Jersey. They are top-notch in analysis and skills.

Commercial Litigation

The Gibbons team takes a very practical and efficient approach to commercial litigation. As the general counsel of a public company, I want a law firm that approaches a lawsuit like a business transaction with a strategy to resolve and close the matter. Commercial litigation is always a distraction for the business client and the Gibbons team is skilled in managing a commercial litigation with a clear focus on how to achieve the best resolution possible.

Richard Diegnan Internap Corporation

Commercial Litigation

Gibbons undertook a complicated commercial dispute mid- way, at our instance, when we effected a change from a leading law firm based in New York with multiple branches across the world. Gibbons' ability, led by lead partner Mr. Frederick Alworth, to accept the challenge, absorb and grasp the essentials and then steer both the litigation and then the dispute resolution mechanism towards an outcome that was in keeping with our expectations, was commendable and appreciated.

Harsha Amarasekera Expolanka

Commercial Litigation

Working with Gibbons has been a pleasure. They go over and above our expectations. In New Jersey, they're my first choice for local counsel.

Litigation - First Amendment

The Gibbons media department is recognized as the best media department in the state used by many media companies in the state. They are experts on the law, thorough in their handling of cases and excellent communicators. I would not think of using anyone else.

Richard Vezza The Star-Leger

Litigation - Intellectual Property

Gibbons has a very experienced IP staff that is extremely effective and cost conscience. I have worked with many firms throughout my career and have found the Gibbons staff to be at the top in performance.

Salvatore J. Salamone Saladax Biomedical, Inc.

Litigation - Intellectual Property

David DeLorenzi, the Chair of Gibbons IP Dept, is excellent. David has an outstanding grasp of the IP marketplace and is also very good in helping to find a business resolution if a dispute arises.

Litigation - Environmental

Gibbons environmental and environmental litigation attorneys are knowledgeable in both federal and state environmental regulations. They are also familiar with the various technical aspects of environmental projects which is integral to proper representation of their clients in these matters. They know what questions to ask to develop a comprehensive understanding of a case in order to develop the best position for their client. They readily provide options for client consideration and sound legal strategy. The attorneys are always professional, respond in a timely manner, available during non business hours, and treat everyone with respect.

Environmental Law

David Freeman at Gibbons demonstrates the highest level of expertise and experience in environmental law and is always concerned and responsive to the client's needs and outcomes when crafting the best response to the legal matters at hand.

Louis Atkin Genessee Scrap & Tin Baling Co., Inc.

Environmental Law

As a practicing attorney with more than 40 year of professional experience, the Environmental Practice Group at Gibbons is in my experience one of the finest environmental law firms on the East Coast. As a former in-house attorney (Novelis Corporation 2005-2010), I would give the Gibbons environmental practice group my highest recommendation.

Employment Law - Management

We consistently get the most straight-forward, practical counsel from Gibbons. They are responsive, have gotten to know our business extremely well, and I trust their analysis of issues.

Product Liability Litigation - Defendants

Gibbons combines competent, thorough legal analysis with awareness of the business practicalities companies face. With a solid commitment to diversity, friendly and responsive attorneys, and affordable rates, they are a go-to firm for any significant litigation or transactional work.

Stephen Herbes Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.

Real Estate Law

One of the main benefits of working with Gibbons is that the understand that their role is to help us achieve our business objectives, in the most efficient way possible.

Land Use & Zoning Law

I worked with Gibbons several years ago on a complex land use and redevelopment project. They understood the law and worked diligently and professionally to accomplish the goal.

Land Use & Zoning Law

Howard Geneslaw at Gibbons, with whom I have worked closely, is probably the finest, most competent and most knowledgeable land use and zoning attorney I have encountered in the last 45 years.

Neil Gold The Gardens at Harriman

Government Relations Practice

Gibbons combines expertise with practical knowledge and strong relationships with the officials involved.

Real Estate Law

Gibbons offer excellent service.

Joseph Panepinto, Sr. Panepinto Properties, Inc.

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