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Glinsmann Immigration

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Immigration Law

The Glinsmann Immigration lawyers really know how to handle the immigration process. They tell you exactly what is going to happen. Every step was explained and you knew what could happen, the pros and cons. You really get the biggest bang for your money. I will continue to use and recommend this law firm.

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Immigration Law

We turned to Glinsmann Immigration for my H1B visa renewal and PERM process after another attorney mishandled and seriously damaged both cases. I was very close to having to exit the country and restart the whole process when the company found and consulted with Matthew Glinsmann. Mr. Glinsmann reviewed the cases and provided a clear and objective analysis of the situation. Mr. Glinsmann presented a solution, and the team took over both cases. In less than three years, Glinsmann Immigration brought both cases to a successful conclusion, and I am now a permanent resident. Based on my experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend Glinsmann Immigration. They clearly explained the road ahead and were very clear and well-timed in their communications at all steps of the process. I was very impressed with their expertise and their ability to plan ahead (an extremely rare quality in attorneys, it seems). The company must also be commended for their communication skills: I always understood where my process was and what lay ahead. I am very grateful to Glinsmann Immigration for their work. I was quite desperate when the company contacted them, but they came through for us and provided the successful results we were hoping for.

Immigration Law

I have been working with Glinsmann Immigration for over six years now. This means numerous conversations and numerous questions from me. There has never been a time where I felt that I was bothering or bombarding them, even if they had mentioned it before and I needed clarity/confirmation that I understand. I have grown used to the amazing and outstanding service I know I will get in every encounter, and I trust them for our company's immigration needs. These attorneys are excellent, and I recommend them every chance I get. I am confident in their knowledge and commitment to top-notch service. They take care of "their people" what other firms may call clients. Glinsmann Immigration is the best!

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