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Immigration Law

Since the first consultation at Glinsmann Immigration, Matthew showed himself to be an expert in his field, quickly understanding my concerns, going over the options and providing me with clear and concise explanations. Since day one Matthew was clear on what he could deliver and what he needed to deliver it. Matthew and his team showed attentiveness, a great attention to detail, and professionalism. In less time than I feared this process would take, Matthew Glinsmann delivered positive results. Trusting Mr. Glinsmann and his team was the best legal decision I have made and the excellent results back this up. I highly recommend Mr. Glinsmann.

Ricardo Oliva

Immigration Law

We have had a very good experience with Glinsmann Immigration and would recommend this firm to others.

Immigration Law

We worked with Maria Glinsmann directly, most of the time. And she was very professional, understanding, and fast to respond. And all of her team has been very attentive and responsive. We have received great advice and direction from Maria and her team and will be happy to use their services again, if need be. It has been a pleasure to work with Maria and her team at Glinsmann Immigration.

Ksenya Britikova T&R Productions LLC

Immigration Law

Maria of Glinsmann Immigration is very helpful in my H1B application. She helped me succeed in the RFE process. Very professional and responsible. I would highly recommend her for immigration issues.

Immigration Law

I had a great experience in dealing with Maria Glinsmann. She has high integrity and a great understanding of the law.

Zaigham Shariff Allen & Shariff Corporation

Immigration Law

We were very impressed with the service provided by Glinsmann Immigration. The staff treated us with great respect, and came down to our level. We are well satisfied with the plan they created and the outcome that occurred. We would highly recommend them for any one with immigration issues; it's rare to find someone who really lives up the reputation, but everything was so wonderful.

Betty Russell Russell Farms, LLC

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