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Commercial Litigation

I’ve worked with many lawyers over my 35-year career running a $100M business and have seen good and bad lawyering. Hiring the right lawyer is the most important decision you’ll make when life throws you a curve ball. You don’t want to base this decision on costs, you want the best lawyer and the best don’t come cheap. I’ve had first hand experience with hiring ‘good enough’. You’ll spend many months and additional hundreds of thousands correcting “good enough’s” mistakes, if the mistakes are fixable. Look at it this way, the money you pay your lawyer is an essential investment in your future to secure the best outcome for you. The courtroom is where cases are won, and lost. Hire the best trial lawyer money can buy. Don Godwin at Godwin Bowman navigates the court room as if he created it. He is extremely adept at assessing complicated situations that traverse commercial and family law to craft winning strategies that garner the best outcomes. He’s calm, cool and collected in even the most heated exchange, really cares about a client’s well-being, and is a true gentleman.

Gail Fischer Fischer

Commercial Litigation

Godwin Bowman is exceptional in their work in Commercial Litigation. Don Godwin is exceptional when it comes to strategy and execution. His team is top notch and wonderful to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

Joan Richardson

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