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Immigration Law

Goel & Anderson have been our partners providing outside counsel in immigration law for many years. The humble way they direct our organization, making it easy to understand the vast essentials in immigration law that are always changing, is highly valued. Staying relevant, knowing what areas of compliance we need to be aware of and where we need to understand our place with sponsoring Visas specifically related to staffing agencies and third party involvement has been some of the areas we have relied heavily along with preparing our filings for annual H1B Visas and RFE requests as well as TN Visas. The ability to reach out to such a well-known firm on any given day with random visa-related questions and yet feel that you are just as important as any other client is priceless for us.

Immigration Law

Goel & Anderson understands our business and are always quick in implementing the customized changes we want in the processes. Their expertise in Immigration Law is of great help to our organization.

Immigration Law

Goel & Anderson is a very professionally managed firm.