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All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Family Law

Carolyn Abbate, Esq. at Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin has provided me with her exceptional expertise in family law for the past several years. She is not only extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field, but she has also been patient, emphatic, responsive, and compassionate in navigating me in the ever so complex field of family law. She upholds very high ethical standards, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs legal advice and guidance.

Family Law

The Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin attorneys who worked with me, Carole Rubin and Ilona Grenadier, achieved goals that were unimaginable to me in a case against a challenging and malicious (now ex-) husband. Through their expertise and ability to provide a firm and supportive atmosphere, I was able to regain my confidence after being abused for many years. They eventually provided me with a sense of empowerment. Their office staff is delightful and professional as well.

Family Law

I retained Ilona Grenadier after being referred to her since I was going through a very contentious divorce after a lengthy marriage. It was clear that I needed a strong attorney with experience in dealing with these types of divorces and narcissistic spouses (now former spouse) trying to lie, cheat, and manipulate the process. Ilona matched me up with Lindsay Hendrix who worked with me on a daily basis over an 18 month period until the divorce was finalized. Ilona and Lindsay have over 70 years of combined experience; if your case is a three-ring circus and seems to be headed to trial, you need a strong, experienced, dedicated, and aggressive team-which is exactly what I had. Due to my former spouse and his attorney's unbelievable nonsense, this dragged out and the divorce cost me/us a boatload of money. I did shop around initially, and every lawyer has the same hourly rates or higher. In the end-it was worth it! I otherwise, would have ended up being drowned by him if I had not had Ilona and Lindsay fighting for me to ensure I was granted all that I was entitled to "in accordance with the law". I walked away with what I wanted as his attorney finally settled the weekend before our trial was set to start. Ilona's reputation in the courtroom precedes itself, and nobody wants to be on the other side of that! While it cost a pretty penny, every one of those pennies was worth it to get out of my nightmare. Both were compassionate and sympathetic/empathetic to my situation, and there were many times that I cried out of pain and frustration on Lindsay's shoulder, I felt supported not only legally, but as a human being during the most difficult time in my life. Lindsay in her own right has years of trial experience herself, and was there for me every step of the way, in more ways than one. The wealth of knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to me and my case from Ilona and Lindsay was above and beyond. Without reservation, I recommend either and/or both of them for anyone going through a contentious divorce.

Family Law

Carole Rubin and Illona Grenadier saved my life and I am eternally grateful to them. The office staff at Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin is amazing and friendly. I refer both men and women to these attorneys regularly and always will!

Samantha M

Family Law

I had a very good experience with Ms. Carolyn Abbate at Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin. She has knowledge and experience in separation and divorce. She is patient and has a true care for her clients. She has been always responsive, professional, understood my concerns, and most importantly she always gave realistic legal advice and possible outcomes. She continues to be my go to person for legal advice.

Family Law

John Winkler, at Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin, is passionate, smart and dedicated to his clients. He is not afraid to admit what he does not know, which is a welcome break from most lawyers. Recommend him most highly.

Family Law

My lawyer, John Winkler at Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin, did an outstanding job of helping me to navigate through an acrimonious divorce. He was always calm and professional and provided me with sound advice, which really served to alleviate my stress in this process. His prior military experience was also helpful to understand my position. I really appreciated all that he did and would recommend him and Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin enthusiastically.

Family Law

Every contact I worked with at Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin, from the Managing Partner working my case to support staff working behind the scenes made it clear they had my best interest and a positive final outcome in my case as their top priority. My case was filed with conflict and unpredictable/unavoidable circumstances led in large part by a global pandemic but also by a less than cooperative party on the other side.

Family Law

Ilona Grenadier of Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin is a rare diamond! She is very ethical, highly skilled lawyer who knows how to cut through the drama and get positive results in highly contentious child custody and divorce cases. Her team of lawyers (like Kitty) are also highly skilled and collaborate well with all the lawyers in their firm; their team dynamic is impressive and highly effective in family law matters. I was referred to this law firm, and I am happy with the results. Based on my own experience, I would highly recommend this law firm to others dealing with child custody, divorce, or any contentious family law issues.

Family Law

Grenadier, Duffett, Levi, Winkler & Rubin is a highly professional firm. They provide the right direction and very clear possible outcome of the case. Carole Rubin has been an excellent family attorney. She has always provide legal consultation and also advised the right thing to do on family conflicts. I would any day recommend her to anyone looking for the right family attorney.

Usha A

Family Law

Grenadier, Starace, Duffett & Levi can be expensive but worth it if you have a complicated or high-conflict divorce situation. The name alone was enough to get things done.

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