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Family Law

Griffiths Law is very professional, precise, and thorough.

Katie Daetwyler

Family Law

Suzanne Griffiths was the best person in the world to hire for my particular divorce, as my ex's job was in the area of contracts and negotiations. I could not risk having anyone less than the best on my side. Suzanne was everything I had hoped for and more, and I will use her in the future for any other important needs that may arise, as my family is too important to take risks with. I believe that Suzanne worked out a fair settlement between my ex and me, even though it was very acrimonious at times, with my ex calling her and me names, etc. But she was not intimidated in the least, and she was always a professional, even when he was not. A few times I just wanted to throw in the towel, but Suzanne 'held my hand' and we got through it together. I will always feel indebted to her for helping me through the hardest thing I had ever been through. I can't say enough good things about her.

Family Law

My family and myself feel blessed to have found Griffiths Law firm. They have been helpful in more ways than just providing exceptional, technical legal guidance and representation. They've help us work through the feelings we have and mindset we previously had regarding the unfortunate situation. They not only work tirelessly to get you your desired legal outcome, they work to ensure you come out of the situation feeling a little better about things. No divorce is easy but Griffiths Law, Ann Gushurst in particular, has worked days nights and weekends to make sure it's easier on this family. She has worked miracles in the courtroom during hearings, provided thorough meticulous motions that not only sight the law but clarify it for those of us who may not understand. The paralegals behind the lawyers, Melissa Simonton specifically, are also the most organized knowledgeable and helpful people that I've ever had the privilege to work with. Griffiths Law has exceeded any expectations we have had and are always available to address any questions or concerns. We are so glad to have found them and could not have had better legal representation and emotional guidance during this time. Griffiths Law is an amazing group of caring knowledgeable attorneys backed up by an amazing and caring staff.

Stacey Hart

Family Law

The attorneys at Griffiths Law assisted me with a difficult family law matter in the best manner possible. They were responsive to my needs and inquiries and were knowledgeable on the law and issues my case presented.

Melissa Hessler

Family Law

The first thing I noticed upon meeting Suzanne at Griffiths Law was her spot-on analysis of the relationship dynamics and the complex financial situation of my case. She understands the psychology of cases and is able to clearly steer through potential hazards, as well as analyze complicated finances with the ability to unearth anything under the radar or undisclosed. Given Suzanne's intuitive ability along with her tenacity and meticulous work, I find it hard to even imagine working with a better advocate. With her guidance, expertise and straightforward brilliance, Suzanne was invaluable and I will always appreciate her efforts in getting me the best possible outcome in a difficult situation.

Corinna Santini

Family Law

On top of being a high net worth and high conflict divorce case, my divorce was a complex case with multiple businesses and various types of trusts involved. Suzanne Griffiths at Griffiths Law was knowledgeable about every aspect of my case and was unmoved by the conflict that arose at every turn. If anything, the added conflict only strengthened her resolve to achieve a fair, equitable, and well-justified settlement. Her assistant and the other office staff were phenomenal with their accuracy, knowledge, and follow-through. I was fortunate to locate this firm on the internet and chose them based on their background and reviews. Luckily, I made contact with them first before my ex-husband was referred to the same firm by his family's estate attorney. If you are going through a divorce and facing mediation or the possibility of having to go to court, you want Griffiths Law to represent you and not your spouse.

Rosanne Berens

Family Law

Griffiths Law provides the absolute best representation. Suzanne outclassed her counterpart in every sense, which led to a division of assets and maintenance significantly in my favor and better than I had expected. Most importantly, she and her team of experts enabled me to gain a significant majority of custody of our children. A contentious divorce, especially when involving relocation, is a very scary process. Suzanne and her team were very clear about what to expect, how to prepare, and what to do during the entire process. While I am saddened to have gone through such a contentious divorce, I am ecstatic with the outcome. I am convinced that such a favorable outcome was largely a result of having Suzanne represent me.

Family Law

Eliza at Griffiths Law was a very competent, compassionate, and reliable divorce attorney at a time when I needed it most. Her recommendations held true, and I am thankful that I followed her advice. I highly recommend!

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