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Health Law Consultancy

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Health Care Law

Jack Rovner and Kathy Roe are exceptional health law attorneys. As inhouse counsel at a large payer, I know I can rely on Jack and Kathy for thorough analysis of our legal issues and business-friendly advice that shows they really understand how our industry works. They're a small firm, so there's never any worry that you're going to be dumped on an associate or that you'll have to spend a lot of time dealing with attorneys you've never worked with before. I know if I call Jack or Kathy that I'm getting a phone call before I go home at the end of the day. I would highly recommend the Health Law Consultancy for anyone that works with payers or providers.

Chris Jenkins Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service, Inc.

Health Care Law

I have worked with Jack and Kathy since 2019. They are both good people who care about their work. Health Law Consultancy has improved our efficiency and has made me think more critically about my work and about the goals of our office. I feel very fortunate to have them available to me for whatever I might need. What I appreciate the most is that they really want to help us learn and become more independent. I have learned so much from them.

Health Care Law

The team at Health Law Consultancy has gone above and beyond to ensure several complex start-ups within our jurisdiction. They are always thoughtful, considerate, and helpful in making sure I fully understand and have all the tools necessary to move forward as we navigate the process. They are tremendously supportive of not only providing their expertise as lawyers but ensuring they are making an impact in civil society through their work. Incredibly grateful for Health Law Consultancy's leadership and services.

Health Care Law

Health Law Consultancy provides extraordinary value in legal services. They have a depth of understanding about health care that goes beyond every other legal firm that "specializes" in health care, understanding not only the legalities governing privacy and regulatory programs, but the business and competitive landscape that we and our own clients live in. HLC partners advise us strategically as well as legally, and help guide our technology and services in a direction that is advantageous to our clients and to our business. Their solutions are creative and well crafted.

Theresa Hush Roji Health Intelligence, LLC

Health Care Law

I worked with Jack Rovner of Health Law Consultancy and was pleased with his timeliness, expertise, candor, and overall willingness to steer me in the right direction. The related fees were reasonable and value-driven for the services provided!!! Highly recommend.

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