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Health Law Consultancy

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Health Care Law

I work with Kathy Roe and Jack Rovner, of The Health Law Consultancy, on contracts and services related to our Physician-Hospital Organization. I find them both to be excellent members of their field. They are extremely responsive in their communication and in meeting our needs. They are a pleasure to work with and truly trusted by our organization.

Tracy Childress Care Delivery Alliance, LLC

Health Care Law

I have found the lawyers at The Health Law Consultancy to be brilliant, savvy, and dogged. They helped us out of a tight spot last year for which I am extremely thankful. Kathy and Jack complement each other extremely well. Their thoughtful and personal support was remarkably important.

Thomas Dent, M.D. Roji Health Intelligence, LLC

Health Care Law

The Health Law Consultancy is a very responsive law firm that stays ahead of trends and is completely versed on new laws and decisions. Top notch guidance with superior skills in providing supporting memoranda.


Health Care Law

The Health Law Consultancy provides excellent, top tier service. They have a depth of knowledge as well the most up-to-date information in all things related to the ever-changing field of Health Care Law.