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Health Law Consultancy

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Health Care Law

The Health Law Consultancy is one of our go-to referral sources for complex healthcare transactional and regulatory matters involving health plans. Jack and Kathy are experts in their area and exceptional attorneys.

Steven Hamilton McGuireWoods LLP

Health Care Law

The Health Law Consultancy has consistently provided top tier advice for our organization. We've been affiliated with Health Law Consultancy for over 6 years. In that span of time, several major issues have come about and Health Law Consultancy's guidance has provided safe passage through uncertain waters. And, in one case in particular, provided a savings of over $10M to our organization. They are a pleasure to work with and extremely responsive.

Mark Kohler Blue Cross of Idaho Health Service, Inc.

Health Care Law

I worked primarily with Jack at Health Law Consultancy on a healthcare services transaction. The amount of expertise he brought to bear on all of the complex laws and regulations surrounding the deal was absolutely staggering.

Health Care Law

Health Law Consultancy does outstanding work from a technical perspective combined with a strong understanding of our business.

Health Care Law

My involvement with Health Law Consultancy was in conjunction with a shared client. I worked with them to craft a new PBM contract and exhibits during a RFP process. Our goal was to ensure that our shared client was protected in the contract.

Health Care Law

The principals of Health Law Consultancy are considered leaders within the field of health law. They are extremely bright, client focused and very willing to share their expertise with students and young attorneys entering the field. They have held leadership position in local bar associations, and their expertise in health law is widely sought.

Lawrence Singer Loyola University Chicago School of Law

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