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Heninger, Garrison & Davis, LLC

Significant Matters

The legal system was not designed to serve the interests of a select few. At Heninger Garrison Davis Law Firm, it is our purpose, our duty, and our calling to provide every client with wise counsel, practical advice, and creative solutions to complex legal issues. We wake up every day with a renewed energy to fulfill our roles as counselors, advisors, and advocates for our clients who deserve justice.


As one of the most prolific civil litigation firms in the state of Alabama, Heninger Garrison Davis focuses on personal injury, business litigation, mass tort and class action cases. With 28 attorneys collectively licensed to practice in more than a dozen states, we possess the sophisticated legal skills, financial resources, and the multi-layered support team needed to take on the world’s most powerful corporations. When huge forces are at play, major money is at stake, or rights are being trampled, we cut through the complexity, get to the heart of the problem, and win what matters most.


Living out our firm’s purpose are the people of Heninger Garrison Davis. Federal and State courts routinely appoint our attorneys to serve as leaders in national litigation. Many serve as directors and officers of local, state, and national bar organizations. For each client, we balance our rich litigation history with ongoing legal innovation. 


Long-term, successful relationships are based on mutual trust and mutual respect. For us this is all-encompassing. It includes relationships with colleagues within the firm, relationships with clients, referring attorneys, judges, and even our adversaries. 

At Heninger Garrison Davis, we know the value of experience and knowledge. Our lawyers collaborate with one another and experts in the field regularly to discuss cases and to share ideas. From the newest associates to the founding partners, the exchange of thoughts and ideas among everyone fosters an environment where innovation and experience combine to provide superior service to our clients.We are small enough to have a collegial, friendly work environment and large enough to have the resources necessary to challenge some of the world’s biggest companies. Our success in all of our practice areas gives us the financial backing and courtroom credibility necessary to advocate for our clients at the highest level.

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