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Henson & Efron, P.A.

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Trusts & Estates Law

Christopher J. Burns at Henson Efron is top notch to work with as far as I'm concerned. I'm always delighted to refer my clients to him knowing they will be in goods hands.

Mary Barker White and Associates

Trusts & Estates Law

Christopher Burns at Henson Efron is a superb estate planning attorney. He is responsive to clients and their other advisers, and I value his expertise. I do not hesitate to introduce him to my partners, and to offer his name to my clients as a trusted tax and estate authority.

Trusts & Estates Law

The Trust and Estate Group at Henson Efron is outstanding. I have no hesitation referring clients to them, as I know they will initially talk to and listening to clients so they understanding them, their family, and their wants and needs. The attorneys will use this information to generate spot-on estate plans for clients in a timely manner. On the estate planning side, there are many disciplinary areas an attorney needs to have knowledge in to be able to draft an effective estate plan. These areas include disciplines such as taxation, IRA's, family law, real estate, debtor/creditor law, business law, commercial law, etc. The Henson Efron attorney's have this overall knowledge and utilize these areas of expertise to draft effective estate planning documents for their clients. In doing this, their clients have the flexibility to both enjoy their assets now and to transition these assets in the future. Clients are very comfortable openly talking to and receiving advice from Henson Efron attorneys. Clients have said the value and peace of mind they derive from the estate planning they receive is well worth the cost.

David Boe BMO Private Bank

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