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Trusts & Estates Law

Clients love Christopher at Henson & Efron. He is personable, experienced and timely and gives great documents at a good price!

Trusts & Estates Law

Henson & Efron attorney Christopher Burns treats clients with a great deal of respect, listens to their questions, and provides answers in a easy to understand manner.

Trusts & Estates Law

My primary attorney contact with Henson & Efron is Christopher J. Burns. He is a highly respected AV rated estate and trust attorney with the highest ethical and moral standards. Fees are reasonable and cost-effective.

Lloyd Stern First Lawyers Trust Company LLC

Trusts & Estates Law

I have used Henson & Efron in numerous capacity from law suites, estates, trusts and even divorce for one of our clients and have referred friends to them. They exceed expectations every time. They are extremely knowledgeable and informing of circumstances and options available to me and have full confidence it will get done in a timely and professional manner. They are the top law firm in Minneapolis when it comes to my situations and I am very thankful for them. We would not be able to handle the type of case load we do with out their assistance.

Jeff Kittelson Fiduciary Foundation, LLC

Trusts & Estates Law

I have worked specifically with Christopher Burns at Henson & Efron on multiple projects. The attention to detail, responsiveness, and emotional response has been spot on each and every time. When dealing with Estate Law we always run into a variety of emotions that need to be managed, and Christopher has a natural talent for being able to make everyone in the room feel 100% comfortable and move forward with the best plan for all family members. His creativity, willingness to listen and understanding of the law immediately puts people at ease, which makes his client interactions go extremely well. It is rare to find someone in this field with the apitude and dedication Christopher has. Henson & Efron are fortunate to have him on their team.

Marnie Ochs-Raleigh Evolve Systems

Trusts & Estates Law

Henson & Efron provides comprehensive trust and estate planning services to their clients. Communication between the attorney and client is excellent as the attorneys take time to listen to the clients and make sure the client has a clear understanding of the estate planning process that will be put into place for them. The attorneys have a deep understanding of the estate and trust laws and can put together estate plans from the simple to the very complex, depending on client circumstances. Estate and trust planning is done on a timely basis and in a cost effective manner for the client. This firm does very well with clients and is highly recommended.

David Boe BMO Private Bank