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Hoge Law Firm

2 Metro Rankings

Significant Matters

  • Employment, Trial -- Defended a national real estate brokerage firm accused of wrongful termination and discrimination
  • Securities Litigation: Arbitration -- Represented investors in a coffee store and distribution chain dispute

  • Real Estate: Arbitration -- Represented investors in a commercial real estate development partnership in a dispute with a national home builder

  • Unfair Competition: Trial -- Defended an inventor in a Business & Professions Code § 17200/unfair competition claim made by a trade association

  • Real Estate: Arbitration -- Represented a developer in arbitration of a construction dispute

  • Real Estate: Trial -- Represented a commercial tenant in a specific performance action to compel a sale of the property

  • Professional Liability: Trial -- Represented an accounting firm accused of fraud and conspiracy in an international financing transaction. The firm prevailed at trial but the co-defendants were found liable for fraud

  • Professional Liability: Trial -- Represented a pharmaceutical company in an arbitration of a complex commercial dispute over development of an experimental monoclonal antibody utilized in clinical trials in China for treatment of lung cancer

  • Insurance: Arbitration -- Represented a construction company in litigation with a municipality and insurer

  • Intellectual Property: Trial -- Represented a public company in patent infringement litigation with a Taiwanese electronics firm

  • Real Estate: Trial -- Represented a developer in a land use dispute

  • Intellectual Property: Trial -- Represented departing investment advisers accused of misappropriation of trade secrets and defamation

  • Real Estate: Trial -- Represented a commercial tenant that prevailed at trial against a landlord accused of concealment

  • Employment: Trial -- Defended principals of a national sunglasses manufacturer accused of wrongful termination and discrimination
  • Real Estate: Trial -- Client prevailed in a jury trial based on concealment of conditions in a commercial property