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Administrative / Regulatory Law

Holland & Hart has an excellent knowledge of administrative/regulatory law and provides valuable, business-oriented advice and counsel.

Corporate Law

We work with Fritz Battcher, Anthony Hall and Dora Lane from Holland & Hart. We recommend them whenever anyone we know is looking for a lawyer. I feel very comfortable with them as they admit when something is outside their specialty and don't try to do everything. Holland & Hart's lawyers in the Reno office are thorough and personable.

Sherry Griffin Elucidate, Inc.

Gaming Law

Scott Scherer with Holland & Hart is outstanding. He knows his stuff, is very responsive, and is totally fair in billings.

Joseph Asher William Hill U.S.

Corporate Law

Recently, the need for corporate legal expertise was required by our firm. Our individual circumstance required a knowledge that was outside the norm. Holland and Hart exceeded in all areas, particularly in professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of corporate law, communication, and with mutual respect. Words cannot express my gratitude to the counsel we have received to date. We look forward to our continued relationship in the future as matters are addressed.

Pamela Boyer Boyer Coffee Company

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