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Significant Matters

Action Gaming. Trial and lead counsel for Action Gaming in several offensive patent infringement matters involving patented poker games, including a jury trial resulting in a $7.3 million jury award and a permanent injunction protecting a $100-million-dollar-a-year product line; and first-chairing several successful preliminary injunction arguments and obtaining dozens of voluntary cease and desist agreements.  

Activision TV v. NEC, et al. Lead counsel for Activision TV in multi-patent, patent assertion matters involving internet display and content delivery systems resulting in several license agreements.  

Adobe v. Wowza Media Systems. Lead counsel for Wowza Media Systems in two multi-patent infringement, false advertising and unfair competition defensive matters involving video streaming formats (RTMP, RTMPe, HTTP Dynamic Streaming) which were settled on confidential terms after Irwin IP obtained summary judgment of no patent infringement and the court announced its intention to grant Irwin IP’s summary judgment motion on the non-patent claims.  

Apple Computer, Inc. Represented Apple Computer, both in federal district court and before the International Trade Commission, in multiple patent infringement matters relating to multiple devices and GUI’s, operations, and designs.  

Avaya. Lead counsel for Avaya on several patent infringement matters, including a multi-patent infringement defense involving enhanced facsimile services, and a patent infringement defense that resulted in a non-infringement judgment for an internet over cable system.  

Baxter Healthcare v. Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc., et al. Represented Baxter in a patent infringement defensive matter where plaintiffs asserted infringement of nine patents relating to peritoneal dialysis.  

Bayer v. Zoetis. Represented defendants Pfizer and Zoetis in a patent infringement defensive matter where Bayer asserted infringement against Pfizer’s single-dose fluoroquinolone product, ADVOCIN, for treating bovine respiratory disease. Defeated motion for temporary restraining order that sought to block launch of the product.  

BIAX Corporation v. Sun Microsystems, Inc., et al. Represented defendant in patent infringement case involving both processor architecture and software claims.  

BIAX Corporation v. Int’l Business Machines. Represented Motorola in patent infringement case involving dual processor technology.  

Borden v. AMF Bowling. Lead counsel in a patent infringement defensive matter related to glow-in-the-dark bowling.  

BRK Brands, Inc. v. Nest Labs, Inc. Represented Nest in defending against BRK’s assertion of six patents against Nest’s smart CO/smoke alarm product. Successfully defeated motion for preliminary injunction.  

Cisco, Moto, Netgear v. Innovatio (MDL). Represented wireless product manufacturers Motorola, Cisco, and Netgear, as well as scores of their customers, in a consolidated Multi-District Litigation proceeding covering nearly two dozen patents relating to allegations of infringement based upon implementation of the 802.11 wireless standard. The case settled shortly after the court set a favorable FRAND licensing rate.  

Cygnus v. Telegroup. First-chair in a patent infringement damages trial involving a discontinued telephone call-back system technology, where the case was “reverse-bifurcated” such that damages were tried first and the verdict was a tiny fraction of estimated cost of a liability trial.

DAK v. Indorama. Represented defendant in a case involving patent infringement and trade secret misappropriation allegations involving technologies relating to methods of making polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins and polyesters. The case was favorably settled prior to trial.  

Greenheck Fan Corp. v. Loren Cook Company. Represented defendant in patent infringement case involving mixed flow and in-line centrifugal fan technology. The case settled on favorable terms shortly after a favorable claim construction ruling.  

HALO Branded Solutions v. Keepcool.  Lead counsel for company accused of infringing design patent for reusable bags.  Assisted client in demonstrating non-infringement of design patent.  

Indufil v. Hy-Pro. Lead counsel for plaintiff-patentee involving industrial oil filtration, obtaining consent judgment and permanent injunction against accused infringer.  

Industry Association Sponsored Litigation. Lead counsel for exclusive design patent licensee, in design patent infringement litigation related to aftermarket vehicle parts brought by patent owner, which resulted in permanent injunction and attorney fee award.  

International Game Technology. Lead and trial counsel in numerous patent infringement matters involving a diverse range of technology, including “virtual reel” technology, “method of play” patents, cashless technology, authentication technology and progressive systems obtaining numerous preliminary injunctions, successful verdicts and permanent injunctions.  

Invista and Auriga v. M&G. Represented plaintiff Auriga in a patent infringement case involving active and passive polymer barrier technologies.  

IQ Biometrix. Lead counsel for IQ Biometrix in several patent infringement matters related to facial recognition technology resulting in numerous license agreements and consent judgments.  

Leading Warehouse Distribution Software Company.  Lead counsel for mid-sized, leading software distribution company in defense of patent infringement claims by Fortune 100 company demonstrating before suit was filed that products did not infringe resulting with withdrawal of infringement claim.

Mark IV v. Transcore. Lead counsel for Mark IV in multi-patent patent assertion matter involving radio frequency and automatic vehicle identification systems, arguing claim construction on over 30 terms, and prevailing on each construction; settled on confidential terms.  

McDavid Knee Guard, Inc. v. Nike USA, Inc. Represented plaintiff in patent infringement matter relating to padded athletic sportswear, settled on confidential terms.  

Medtech Products Inc. v. Ranir, LLC. Lead counsel for Ranir in hotly contested litigation, defending assertions of patent infringement matter relating to thermoplastic nightguard design, and asserting offensive claims of unfair competition and tortious interference, culminating in a settlement on confidential terms.  

Otter Products, LLC d/b/a OtterBox v. Fellowes, Inc.  Counsel for OtterBox in a patent infringement and trade dress case wherein OtterBox has asserted the willful infringement of eight patents covering protective cases for digital devices and associated trade dress.  Fellowes counterclaimed infringement by OtterBox of two patents but was forced to dismiss those claims with prejudice in light of invalidity issues raised by OtterBox.  

Outboard Marine v. Orbital Engine. Counsel for Outboard Marine in patent declaratory judgment action involving fuel injection technology.  

Pfizer v. Apotex. Represented Pfizer in ANDA litigation seeking to halt the entrance of a generic version of Zyvox. The case was favorably settled prior to trial.  

Pfizer v. Inventia. Represented Pfizer in ANDA litigation seeking to halt the entrance of a generic version of Detrol LA. The case was favorably settled prior to trial.  

Ronald A. Katz Tech. Licensing L.P. v. Time Warner Cable, Inc. et al., (D. Del. 2006) – Represented Qwest entities in patent infringement action relating to telecommunications. The case settled on confidential terms.    

Ranir, LLC v. DenTek Oral Care Inc., et al. Lead counsel for Ranir in offensive patent infringement litigation against DenTek Oral Care, Inc. regarding disposable nightguard technology.  

Razor v. Swagway, et al. Lead counsel for industry leader Swagway in defensive patent infringement matters relating to self-balancing vehicle design and control logic both in federal district court and before the International Trade Commission.

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