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Ivins, Phillips & Barker, Chartered

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Tax Law

Our firm, which provides defined benefit pension consulting services, has experience working with Ivins, Phillips & Barker in many situations. Most significantly, they guided us in our development of two distinct, proprietary product solutions for large DB plans. Because both of these products had ERISA and tax issues that applied in a novel context, it was critical for us to work with a firm that could provide depth of understanding and experience with numerous applicable legal issues.

Employee Benefits (ERISA) Law

Our representation by Ivins, Phillips & Barker and all team members is top notch. I would not work with another legal team; this team is quick to reply and provides clear legal advice. In all cases, they have provided us with options to make an informed decision best for our participants/company. The best quality of this team is their availability. With any matter, they respond via email or telephone within a very short time frame. If they are busy with another client they will let us know their availability.

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