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Significant Matters

  • Bayer Corp. and Subsidiaries v. U.S., 2:09-cv-351 (W.D. Pa. - pending): representing Bayer Corporation in $65 million tax refund suit in U.S. district court, challenging the IRS’s denial of the research credit under section 41 of the Code.
  • Platinum Suppl. Ins., Inc. v. Comm’r, No. 9816-17 (U.S. Tax Court 2018): in response to IPB’s motion for summary judgment, the IRS conceded in full that Platinum Supplemental Insurance was not liable for $3.6 million in alleged FICA tax and income tax withholding. The IRS had asserted that nearly a thousand insurance agents working with Platinum Supplemental were employees and not independent contractors.
  • Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association (VEBA) litigation (U.S. Tax Court 2015): IPB negotiated settlements for over 50 clients in Tax Court cases involving over $12 million in proposed tax assessments related to a VEBA.
  • IPB's Jeff Moeller led the team advising on the U.S. tax aspects of the largest all-cash acquisition in history, Bayer's $63 billion purchase of Monsanto. The deal closed June 7, 2018, two years after it was announced, facing antitrust challenges along the way, and taking place amidst the creation and passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This required Jeff and his team to devise multiple contingent scenarios to address potential tax issues under the new law. He also worked in conjunction with a number of other firms to develop cross-border tax compliance plans for over 20 other countries in which Bayer and Monsanto operate. 

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