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James E. Arnold & Associates, LPA

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Commercial Litigation

James E. Arnold & Associates has an excellent reputation in Central Ohio. I worked with Alvin Mathews, and he is a very good lawyer and a gentleman.

William Lane

Commercial Litigation

James E. Arnold & Associates is the best and is professional on every level. This firm gives lawyers a good reputation.

Criminal Defense: White-Collar

In our business, I personally deal with many attorneys on a regular basis. James E. Arnold & Associates stands out in their knowledge, professionalism and dedication to our company's interests. I would highly recommend James E. Arnold & Associates.

Commercial Litigation

James E. Arnold & Associates is an excellent firm in the practice area of commercial law.

Commercial Litigation

James E. Arnold & Associates are experienced litigation counsel and willing to take contingent fees cases.

Commercial Litigation

Both Jim Arnold and David Winters, who are partners at James E. Arnold & Associates, are experienced, capable, effective lawyers with fine reputations. They are hard-working, bright, and excellent in all respects.

Litigation - Securities

Marnie Lambert, with James Arnold & Associates, is an excellent lawyer. First and foremost, she goes out of her way to put the client's interests first. When helping clients, she does a good job of ensuring they understand the process as well as the emotional challenges associated with securities litigation. Being able to relate to clients and speak in laymen's terms is one of her true talents. Over the years, many of our mutual clients have benefited significantly from Marnie's hard work, guidance and litigation. I highly recommend Marnie to those experiencing unethical or fraudulent behavior from their investment advisor.

Matt Gray

Commercial Litigation

James E. Arnold & Associates is a boutique litigation firm with top quality lawyers, led by one of the best commercial litigators in the state. They are highly ethical, appropriately aggressive, and offers reasonable rates; a much better alternative than hiring a large firm.