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Johnstone Adams LLC

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Employment Law - Management

Johnstone, Adams, Bailey, Gordon and Harris is probably the most valuable resource we have as an Employee Relations/HR team. The level of expertise on all topics is always relevant. They are professionally aggressive in providing updates where necessary and do more than their share of giving back to the community. It is truly a joy to have the opportunity to work with this firm. Topics may be difficult at times, but the alliance is always at the highest level. We will have a long-term relationship with Johnstone.

William R. Stembridge Infirmary Health System, Inc.

Labor Law - Management

Our main relationship is with Ms. Celia Collins. Top drawer in every respect. Track record is impeccable.

William R. Stembridge Infirmary Health System, Inc.

Litigation - Labor & Employment

The assistance provided by Johnstone, Adams, helps our team improve on a very regular basis. From their annual updates to day-to-day phone calls and emails, the education and expertise is unmatched. In discussions with counter-parts at other organizations, it is clear we have something great in the relationship with this firm.

William R. Stembridge Infirmary Health System, Inc.

Commercial Litigation

Johnstone, Adams is very knowledgeable with regard to the areas of practice they handle. They are easy to work with and willing to take the time to make sure you understand all the options with a case.

James Curry Triad Financial Services, Inc.

Labor Law - Management

Johnstone, Adam has a high level of expertise and are easy to work with. They also have a good reputation for work in this area.