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Litigation - Antitrust

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm has been doing amazing work and in a very short amount of time. I work with it because then I invest my firm's time and money; I know it will be valued and the odds of a great recovery for our clients and our firm is very high.

Vincent Esades Heins Mills & Olson, P.L.C.

Litigation - Antitrust

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm is one of the preeminent class action law firms in the country. It provides excellent representation to clients, particularly in antitrust class actions.

Joshua Davis University of San Francisco

Litigation - Antitrust

Joseph Saveri Law Firm is comprised of knowledgeable and experienced antitrust lawyers. The firm specializes in managing complex antitrust matters, has a thorough understanding of the applicable law and relevant issues, and manages litigation on an efficient and civil basis.

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