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Highlighted Client Comments

All client comments represent the opinions of the people who provided them. All potential clients are urged to remember that no two cases are ever completely alike and that the result in one case does not guarantee a similar result in another case.

Employment Law - Management

Carol Lumpkin is a fierce negotiator and provides vital counsel and advice to move her clients through all litigation matters.

Amy Cisrow Peterson Rackroom Shoes Inc.

Criminal Defense: White-Collar

Thomas Ryan and Michael Komo provided invaluable assistance with a sensitive, high stakes internal investigation. I was equally impressed by their ability and willingness to focus the investigation -- including the universe of interviews -- in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Renee Cavalovitch Robert Morris University

Environmental Law

K&L Gates does high quality work and is very responsive. It is held in high regard by regulators. It provides a highly reliable, consistent quality of service.

Mutual Funds Law

Arthur Delibert and Lori Schneider at K&L Gates lead a team of 5 partners who serve as counsel to the Neuberger Berman mutual funds and Funds’ independent trustees. Year in and year out they provide us with great legal advice delivered pragmatically. They make my job of board chair a simple one, and I am thus a grateful client.

Tom Seip Independent Trustees of the Neuberger Berman Funds

Health Care Law

Mary Beth Johnston and her team at K&L Gates are crucial to steering our hospitals compliance program. She also provides all our legal guidance with medical staff, insurance provider disputes, contracting, etc. Great firm and people.

Gary Black Lenoir Memorial Hospital

Trusts & Estates Law

The individuals that work with K&L Gates locally are top-notch. They are technically competent, responsive to clients' needs and very pleasant to work with.

Suzanne Bledsoe The Bledsoe Cathcart Group

Financial Services Regulation Law

K&L Gates is excellent and very knowledgeable of banking laws, regulations and banking in general.

Charles Simpson Holbrook Co-Operative Bank

Energy Law

K&L Gates offers outstanding service and support all around. They have a global network to draw on as needed, within specific practice area as well as other services.

Information Technology Law

I work primarily with Mr. Nigel Stark at K&L Gates. I have been involved in negotiating and signing business agreements for over 30 years, and I finally found the best guy in the business. The ability to grasp and master the nuances of entirely new business structures, to advise on the evolution of revenue and IP development models, and the quality of work product is simply superlative. I can tell you from experience that it is never comfortable sitting down at a negotiating table and realizing the best attorneys in the room are not the ones on your side. Since we began using K&L Gates and Nigel, I have been the guy with the best attorneys, and I carry the confidence that I will not get beaten on the contract side. The ability to "see around the corner" when it comes to our legal agreements has positioned us to maximize our share and revenue, and more importantly, to avoid the gray areas that eventually put companies in court. I cannot imagine launching our technology without Nigel on our team; his contribution is extraordinary.

Commercial Litigation

The team I have worked with at K&L Gates - anchored by John Rotunno and led by Paul Walsen - has done an exceptional job handling multiple shareholder actions across a number of different entities and jurisdictions. I would recommend them highly to anyone who has a complex set of issues to address, as well as to anyone who needs strong, solid support in negotiations and litigation.

Mutual Funds Law

K&L Gates serves as Federated Investors primary outside counsel for investment management work and as fund counsel to the Federated Fund Complex. The principal relationship partners are Michael Caccese, Clair Pagnano and Mike McGrath. The K&L Gates team contributes legal expertise and industry perspectives to efficiently address legal matters and provide effective solutions.

Criminal Defense: White-Collar

Mark Rush of K&L Gates is the finest white collar defense lawyer that I have dealt with over the last 25 years.

Mutual Funds Law

K&L Gates does a superb job as trustee counsel to our mutual fund board. Diane Ambler and Bob Zutz are incredibly responsive to and supportive of our demanding and well-informed trustees. They bring wisdom and good judgement to their advice regarding business decisions large and small, and they make sure that the trustees are aware of the most important emerging legal and regulatory developments and understand how they affect our board's responsibilities. They also provide outstanding service in reviewing documents and minutes, but, more importantly, they make sure that our board is focusing on first-order issues while also attending to all our required and detailed oversight activities. Diane and Bob are a constant source of insight and decision-relevant information, and our board values their input enormously. They are also a pleasure to work with. My trustee colleagues and I are very fortunate to be their clients.

Antitrust Law

Phil Van Der Weele at K&L Gates has worked with our team for over eight years. Phil is creative, understands business issues, knows how to identify high and low risk areas and offers concise, consistent, up-to-date and excellent counsel. He is an innovative attorney who can respond promptly to time-sensitive, complex antitrust issues. Phil is a critical resource for our company in all settings. He knows the law better than any other counsel and can jump in and offer an opinion, write and provide training and/or give practical solutions to complex problems to avoid risk and succeed.

Shauna Rae Long FujiFilm Holdings America Corporation

Energy Law

I have used the team at K&L Gates on multiple occasions for M&A transactions. The principals I have interacted with have been extremely valuable to our deal teams. Their professionalism, knowledge, creativity, and advice have been invaluable to me and my teams. The team at K&L Gates is always our first call when we have a deal progress to the final bid submission and negotiation phase.

Government Relations Practice

K&L Gates has a deep and balanced bench of experienced government relations pros. The team helps businesses effectively navigate sometimes treacherous waters with federal agencies, such as DOL and DOR, as well as sometimes prickly relationships on the Hill. They understand that issues may need to be addressed from multiple angles and with multiple parties, and they know how to capture the interest of those parties. They willingly share their expertise, and always consider my company's constraints and suggestions. Not only have we found great success through working with them through several administrations and in Congress, but they make a stressful day interesting and fun.

Natalie McNair TrueBlue

Government Relations Practice

The professionals at K&L Gates, including support staff, are top-shelf. I value their insight, analysis and perspective because they are not only subject-matter experts, but they have taken the time to understand my organization in order to provide high-quality service.

Securitization and Structured Finance Law

My experience working with the Delaware team at K&L Gates has always produced positive results and I have recommended them often.

Commercial Litigation

K&L Gates did a great job on our matter, thinking strategically and being oriented towards practical solutions while getting ready for an appellate fight if needed. They did excellent work!

Insurance Law

I have worked with many law firms. K&L Gates is by far the the best in making sure our needs are met in an efficient, professional, and cost-effective manner.

Commercial Litigation

K&L Gates provides practical guidance and helps a business manage risk effectively. The firm's lawyers are great, friendly and efficient.

Commercial Litigation

As General Counsel of a public company and its operating subsidiaries, I used the securities litigation team of K&L Gates headed by John Rotunno, with Stephen O'Neil and Paul Walsen. Their work was outstanding substantively, and their attitude even in trying circumstances invariably courteous and professional. Major litigation is always expensive but I always found their work to be cost-effective. After the first piece of significant litigation the team handled for us, I stopped asking for proposals from other firms for matters within this team's areas of experience.

Janet Olsen formerly Artisan

Environmental Law

K&L Gates is unmatched in their responsiveness and client communication skills, which leads to a comfortable and collaborative attorney-client relationship. For general environmental law matters, we always look to K&L Gates first.

Environmental Law

Attorneys in K&L Gates's New Jersey office, particularly Dawn Lamparello, do a great job for us.

Real Estate Law

K&L Gates consistently provides our company with expert legal advice at reasonable rates. The firm's broad geographic coverage and depth of experience and knowledge has been an invaluable asset on all of our real estate related matters, both transactional and litigation.

Trey Howell Healthcare Trust of America, Inc.

Information Technology Law

K&L Gates brought a deep understanding of market standards in helping to negotiate a critical service level agreement for GBT. They were collaborative and a pleasure to work with.

Vinay Jain GBT, d/b/a American Express Global Business Travel

Energy Law

Verto Management, LLC enjoys working with K&L Gates very much because of their attention to detail, responsiveness and knowledge in the Renewable Energy industry.

Mutual Funds Law

K&L Gates has a very experienced group of 1940 Acts Practitioners. The firm has proven to be especially knowledgeable about the latest SEC proposed regulations, especially the proposed derivatives regulations. Also appreciated is the firm's litigation & insurance support for 1940 Act companies. I would particularly highlight the expertise of Partner Mark Goshko who excels on most business and technical Federal Securities regulatory questions that impact registered funds.

Corporate Law

K&L Gates attorneys are responsive, brilliant, timely, diplomatic, and decisive. They are a really incredible group, not just one attorney. The culture of excellence is evident throughout their Portland group. They are real people, authentic and yet diplomatic. I have never before taken the time to participate in surveys like this, but K&L's excellence in Portland is worth this comment, and more.

Frank Foti Vigor Industrial

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