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Kahn, Smith & Collins, P.A.

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Education Law

Kahn, Smith & Collins is an excellent firm. They are responsive to your needs and very concerned about the clients. They will do their best to assist everyone. They stay up to date with the latest laws and are well informed.

Marietta English Baltimore Teachers Union

Litigation - Labor & Employment

Kahn, Smith & Collins is outstanding. The firm is the best on the planet.

Marietta English Baltimore Teachers Union

Labor Law - Union

Major League Baseball's umpires were faced with their biggest legal challenge ever as we attempted to sort out and fix a failed mass resignation strategy orchestrated by its previous union in 1999. In the process of navigating through lawsuits from former counsel and union members, the legal team at Kahn, Smith & Collins gave a group of new union leaders clear, expert advice on how to form a new union based on honest principles, defeat a malicious lawsuit from previous counsel, and negotiate long-term contracts with MLB to protect the rights and job security of the new union's membership. Kahn, Smith & Collins accomplished all of this in a high-profile environment and assisted new union leadership in successfully dealing with the national media while working through a variety of labor issues dealing with Successor Liability, a split collective bargaining unit, union structure and process, and negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement. The attorneys at Kahn, Smith & Collins did an amazing job of leading us through this period, all the while adjusting to, and dealing with, the challenges of the past decade for Major League Baseball umpires with instant replay, evaluation, media scrutiny, and overall performance.

Jeff Nelson World Umpires Association

Labor Law - Union

Kahn, Smith & Collins gave us every resource available to them in order to enable us to complete a lengthy legal process with success.

Joe Brinkman World Umpires Association

Labor Law - Union

Kahn, Smith & Collins is an excellent labor law firm.

Employment Law - Individuals

Keith Zimmerman at Kahn, Smith & Collins is a tireless worker. He is always available for assistance and will help anyone. He goes out of his way to make sure that every client is treated with respect and dignity.

Marietta English Baltimore Teachers Union

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